Goldbeck Recruiting Poll Reveals Cannabis Labour Market Trends Survey Finds Negative Stigma Tarnishing Cannabis Industry

Published: March 12, 2020

Goldbeck Recruiting Poll Reveals Cannabis Labour Market Trends Survey Finds Negative Stigma Tarnishing Cannabis Industry

New polling by Goldbeck Recruiting has revealed insights to the intrigue and concerns surrounding the Canadian cannabis labour market. The report highlights how personal bias may be affecting individual perspectives on the future potential of the industry. The report, conducted by Goldbeck Recruiting in February 2020 amongst members of the Angus Reid Forum, also divulged interesting reasoning behind people’s willingness to work for a Cannabis company. Concerns around travel to the United States and a high expectation for salary and compensation surfaced, as did a regional imbalance between where Cannabis companies are setting up shop and where there is a willing workforce.

Henry Goldbeck, President, said, “In our experience as a conduit between candidates and employers for cannabis positions, we are seeing trends supporting our findings in the report. We regularly have candidates decline to entertain positions due to their concerns around the industry, but that doesn’t mean the searches are not feasible. There are many people out there that are excited by the new industry, and want to invest themselves in that future.”

This polling data provides the basis for Goldbeck Recruiting’s “Cannabis Labour Market Analysis” report, available online at Goldbeck’s executive headhunters regularly work with business professionals in areas like agriculture, production and operations and the Cannabis industry is a keen area of interest. This report, polling a representative sample of 1,521 people across Canada, has helped to put some statistical analytics behind the anecdotes, and looks at the Types of Jobs Created, Where Facilities are Built (and where the workforce is), Indigenous Economic Investment, Remuneration and Perks and Research & Innovation.

To read the complete report, visit

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