Geyser Brands' Acquisition Target Announces WildTails, the World's First Hemp-Infused Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Published: May 31, 2019

Geyser Brands' Acquisition Target Announces WildTails, the World's First Hemp-Infused Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Geyser Brands Inc. announces that its acquisition target — Solace Management Group Inc. (“Solace”) — has unveiled its latest brand, WildTails. Out of the gate, WildTails has developed new product lines with three available SKUs for both dogs and cats, complementing the robust sales of Solace’s Apawthecary Pets brand. The new line will be available in 3 freeze-dried infused single ingredient servings of white fish, beef and chicken. In anticipation of completing the acquisition of Solace, Geyser Brands is negotiating several orders and distribution contracts that are expected to be announced in Q3 2019, beginning with Asia.

A rise in the adoption of pets, a burgeoning global middle class that is more concerned with health, wellness, and alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals than ever, and a growing demand for premium care products are few factors expected to drive growth in the pet care market, which was estimated by Grand View Research to be USD 131.7 in 2016, with expected CAGR of 4.9% from 2016 to 2025.

Freeze-dried products have several advantages that address this growing market’s needs. By being dried through intensely low pressures, they are lighter and smaller, and deliver more protein in a smaller package. This is an improvement over dehydration, which uses a high heat environment that tends to degrade the nutritional value of products. The freeze-drying process also extends the shelf life of the product without needing chemical additives, a major boon for pet owners concerned about allergens and inflammatory ingredients.

Geyser Brands anticipates that, once the acquisition of Solace is complete, WildTails’ products will harness Geyser Brands’ proprietary NanoFusion to infuse hemp into the proteins. NanoFusion is Geyser Brands’ proprietary all-natural nano-technology that emulsifies the hemp molecule, a lipid, so that it can co-mingle with other non-fat liquids. NanoFusion, which took 2 years to perfect, provides features unique to the existing market, such as no discernible taste, increasing the bioavailability of the hemp molecules, and extending the shelf-life and preservation of the product.

It is expected that WildTails’ products will be infused before the freeze-drying process, with almost no change in dosing. This process will be a significant improvement over competing products which use the more common practice of coating the products with oils after freeze-drying.

The use of NanoFusion with WildTails also fits into Geyser Brands’ business model, as the process can be applied to all forms of hemp. In markets without a legal CBD environment, WildTails will be produced with hemp seed oil. In markets with established regulations and a clear compliance pathway, WildTails can deliver the same products with CBD as a value-added ingredient.

Brad Kersch, President of Solace, commented: “We look forward to leveraging the Geyser Brands platform. Obviously, Geyser Brands’ capacity in compliance is key to working successfully in global markets, and Geyser Brands’ management understands and supports our goal to be the dominant cannabis-related pet food brand in Canada and world-wide.”

Andreas Thatcher, CEO of Geyser Brands, commented “We are impressed with the way the Canadian market has embraced the pet products produced by Solace, and we expect WildTails to take that consumer satisfaction to new markets. We are excited to anticipate the completion of our acquisition and working with management to create a premium global brand.”

As previously announced, the acquisition of Solace by Geyser Brands is subject to the execution of a binding definitive agreement, the completion of due diligence investigations and the receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals, including approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.