GCAC Launches Uniswap Marketing Token

Published: April 26, 2021

GCAC Launches Uniswap Marketing Token

Global Cannabis Applications Corp., a medical cannabis chain-of-custody compliance and data platform, announced today that it has launched a Uniswap token [1] as part of a digital marketing campaign aimed at the one million decentralized finance user community ‘DeFi’ [2]. Company believes that the Uniswap community is an excellent target audience as this key demographic are consumers that have disposable income, are under 34 years old and increasingly drawn to the use of cannabis products [3]. This multi-year marketing campaign aims to raise awareness of its Citizen Green products and its Efixii ‘QR codes’ by launching a Uniswap token on the Ethereum blockchain with the Company’s name, logo and website visible to all of the Uniswap community.

Company is publicly traded with audited financials and makes accurate revenue disclosures. GCAC’s Uniswap-inclusion marketing initiative is to commit to a marketing-spend of 1% of its quarterly sales revenue buying GCAC tokens on Uniswap every 3 months. Each Uniswap token-buy should lead to greater awareness of the Company’s products and drive potential new cannabis consumers to look for Efixii ‘QR codes’ on the products that they are purchasing on-line.

“First and foremost, We – Are – Blockchain. So, I’m delighted to expand our marketing reach to fellow blockchain proponents. Cannabis consumers come in many forms and I am really excited to be marketing directly to the Uniswap DeFi community and raising awareness of cannabis efficacy and quality amongst this rather liquid demographic,” stated Brad Moore, CEO.

Mega-cap companies like Tesla (TSLA) are diversifying their balance sheets by adding the Bitcoin cryptocurrency [4]. GCAC is now adding an Ether cryptocurrency based “alternative asset” to its balance sheet by buying GCAC marketing tokens on Uniswap with 1% of its revenues. GCAC represents the next generation of companies embracing alternative assets and continues to innovate and seek ways to expand awareness of the benefits of cannabis efficacy and product transparency.

The Uniswap GCAC marketing token is built and operated by Abbey Technology “Abbey” and this latest marketing token has a unique set of features including:

  • Company commitment to purchase GCAC tokens on Uniswap with 1% of its quarterly revenues
  • Preventing the smart contract from creating any new GCAC marketing tokens
  • Giving advance-notice disclosure of the ‘intent to redeem’ any Abbey Uniswap liquidity-pool
  • Giving advance-notice disclosure of the ‘intent to sell’ any Company “alternative asset” tokens

[1] https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xf22645743415d8c06d78c8a4f0ea214041b4544f
[2] https://medium.com/metamask/metamask-exceeds-1-million-monthly-active-users-9da72a1e915d
[3] https://www.warc.com/newsandopinion/news/40_of_us_consumers_would_try_out_cbd_products/41878
[4] https://apnews.com/article/tesla-buys-billion-bitcoin-061817c6795e75d1c3c9e9d6cfc4a911

GCAC is a global leader in designing, developing, SaaS licensing and acquiring innovative data technologies for the medical cannabis industry. For more Company information, please visit www.cannappscorp.com, or review its profiles on www.sedar.com and on the Canadian Securities Exchange’s website www.thecse.com.

Abbey, a Swiss company, specializes in developing, licensing and operating innovative blockchain technologies. The “Public-Company to Uniswap-Token” marketing platform was invented by Abbey alongside its Ethereum layer-2 high-throughput blockchain software-as-a-service. For information on Uniswap-token marketing campaigns for public companies visit https://abbey.ch.