Fume Blazes A Trail Of Innovation With New Extracts Targeting Cannabis Connoisseurs

Published: September 16, 2020

Fume Blazes A Trail Of Innovation With New Extracts Targeting Cannabis Connoisseurs

While connoisseurs’ options for high-grade extracts have been slow to gain distribution within Canada’s sanctioned-cannabis channels, FUME has responded by creating a brand extension dedicated to serving this segment called Signature, which features two product innovations that offer rare terpenes flavours. Available in select cannabis retailers in OntarioSaskatchewanAlbertaBritish Columbia, and Manitoba, the newly launched products include:

Signature Dark Helmet Flower Rosin by FUME – Single harvest flower rosin extracted without the use of solvents. Complete preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids for maximal flavour profile and entourage effects.

Signature Orange Cookies Full Spectrum Oil PAX Pod by FUME – Low and slow processing conditions using CO2 to extract a higher percentage of minor cannabinoids that give the oil a true entourage effect. Terpenes extracted (without solvents) then re-introduced at the final stage, imparting natural flavours and aromas.

According to Rshaidat, who is also the Chief Science Officer at FUME, the concentrates and extracts market is poised for rapid growth in Canada for several reasons:

  • With the rise of legal cannabis markets, both businesses and consumers are becoming more sophisticated. Savvy users are looking beyond the psychoactive effects for an enhanced experience in terms of flavour, smell, and perceived smoothness.

  • Canada’s cannabis industry is becoming increasingly fragmented, with specialized companies handling their respective areas of expertise within the industry’s supply chain.

  • With the Canadian extracts category positioned for rapid growth with the introduction of “Cannabis 2.0” products such as vape pens, oils, and concentrates, more premium and artisanal products derived from cannabis extracts will account for a growing share of industry sales.

  • When cannabis products became more diversified, and more extracts and concentrates launched in Colorado and California, dried flower sales dropped significantly, and the market for oils surged to more than 60%

Rshaidat concluded by saying the newly available extracts now allow connoisseurs to choose products that consistently offer a high-quality and authentic experience through innovative processes that are strictly regulated, offering new and exciting flavours and product choices.

To further educate Canadians on this new direction for the cannabis market, Talal Rshaidat will conduct a live webinar on Wednesday, September 30 at 2:00 PM EST. He will demonstrate the extraction process live and showcase each room in FUME’s facility that highlights their exciting new innovations and quality processes. Participants can register for free at FumeExtracts.com/webinar.

FUME is an extraction company focused on creating full-spectrum extracts that offer an authentic experience and uncompromising quality. Our mission is to push the boundaries of solventless and solvent-based extraction to pursue the best full-spectrum extracts our cultivars have to offer. The Brantford, Ontario-based company provides end-to-end production and distribution of market-ready products delivering premium and true-to-flower cannabis experiences.

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