Fohse Secures Cannabis Grow Light Contract with Ontario-Based Curative Cannabis

Published: June 6, 2019

Fohse Secures Cannabis Grow Light Contract with Ontario-Based Curative Cannabis

FOHSE INC. has finalized negotiations with 2368523 Ontario Limited Curative Cannabis (“Curative Cannabis”) for a contract in which Fohse will become the exclusive partner for supplying cannabis grow lights to Curative Cannabis’ 30,000 square foot growing facility in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Curative Cannabis is led by a team of master growers of cannabis plants, with in-depth knowledge of genetics and strain profiles. In addition to its large-scale cultivation operations, Curative Cannabis also has an in-house brand D.S. & Fitz (, which offers luxury cannabis products with a variety of THC and CBD levels, and several unique flavor profiles (e.g. truffles and cheese).

Curative Cannabis’ growing facility is scheduled to produce between 2,500 kg (approx. 5,500 lbs) and 3,000 kg (approx. 6,600 lbs) of premium cannabis each year. Through its engagement with Fohse, Curative Cannabis seeks to improve its production sustainability by adding Fohse’s A3i and F1V lighting fixtures to its growing facility. Curative Cannabis expects that its yields will improve as a result of using Fohse’s lighting fixtures, in addition to saving approximately 50% on energy, compared to what traditional HPS lighting systems would cost to use.

An overview of the A3i and F1V models and their technical specifications can be viewed on Fohse’s website at the following link:

Curative Cannabis plans to begin commercial cultivation in late August of 2019, shortly after taking its first delivery of fixtures from Fohse. By March of 2020, Curative Cannabis plans to have expanded its indoor growing space from 30,000 square feet to nearly 150,000 square feet, with an additional 45 acres of outdoor cultivation.

After cannabis became legalized at the federal level in Canada in 2018, startup companies have sought to acquire market share in all parts of the cannabis supply chain. Statistics Canada estimated in 2018 that nearly five million Canadians spent money on marijuana in the previous year, with each person spending about CAD $1,200 (approx. USD $890 on today’s exchange rate).

Curative Cannabis COO Scott Fitzgerald commented, “We did extensive testing last year with all major LED brands. We did not want to rush into LED, though as the testing continued it was a clear choice to go with Fohse. We are excited for the partnership, as we feel this will give us a distinct competitive advantage in the market.”

Fohse CEO Brett Stevens added, “We are pleased to have secured this deal with Curative Cannabis as an entry point to the growing Canadian marketplace for cannabis products. Fohse takes great pride in providing value to clients by offering cost-effective and environmentally-friendly grow lighting solutions, which ultimately benefits both the end consumer and the environment. We look forward to deploying our fixtures in Curative Cannabis’ growing facility, and we are most excited to be working with their dynamic, knowledgeable team.”