Flower One Announces Licensing Agreement with The Clear Cannabis Group in Nevada

Published: July 17, 2019

Flower One Announces Licensing Agreement with The Clear Cannabis Group in Nevada

Flower One Holdings Inc. announced a long-term licensing agreement with Denver-based Clear Cannabis Inc. (“CCI”) – who licenses The Clear, one of eight marquee brands licensed under its parent company. The Clear product suite was founded by scientists and engineers with substantial expertise in chemistry, biology, and engineering, and the vision of carving out a unique space within the cannabis industry. The Clear is the first manufacturer to bring pure, refined cannabis oil to market globally. Flower One is now licensed to produce, manufacture, and distribute The Clear’s product to Nevada’s cannabis retailers, providing the state’s consumers with a consistent supply of The Clear’s popular line of flavorful cannabis oils.

“We are excited to welcome The Clear to Flower One’s growing portfolio of Brand Partners,” said Ken Villazor, President and CEO of Flower One. “This is our tenth brand partnership to date, aligning with our commitment to expand the range of cannabis products available to cannabis retailers and consumers in Nevada, and to contribute to the growing product diversity of the State’s retail market.”

“We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with Flower One to meet the growing market demand for The Clear cannabis products in Nevada,” said John Cushman, CEO of Clear Cannabis, Inc. “There is a clear synergy between our two companies, and we are excited about this opportunity. Partnering with Flower One gives us the infrastructure we need to gain significant market share in the Nevada market, and aligns perfectly with our national growth strategy.”

Founded in 2013, The Clear has established itself as the first and original cannabis distillation company. Featuring a robust menu of 17 flavorful vape cartridges, among other high-quality products, The Clear utilizes steam-distilled plant extracts and unmatched state-of-the-art technology to provide consumers with a reliable, clean, and consistent cannabis experience. Soon The Clear’s C-Cell cartridges and top pull batteries will be available in Nevada, providing cannabis consumers with a consistent dosing experience. Additional vape cartridges will follow later this year.

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