Flourish Software Announces Partnership and Integration with Cannverify

Published: July 2, 2020

Flourish Software Announces Partnership and Integration with Cannverify

Flourish Software, an enterprise supply chain and inventory management software built for the cannabis, CBD and hemp industries, announced the launch of a new integration with CannVerify, the cannabis industry’s blockchain authentication tool. The partnership will enhance protection for Flourish’s users against counterfeiting through CannVerify’s patent-pending, two-step verification process, which features a unique serial number, QR code, and scratch-off verification code for every product. To date, CannVerify has protected more than 2 million unique products in the cannabis industry, including many from users of the Flourish software platform.

“Sellers in the cannabis market trust CannVerify to ensure the accuracy of their inventory and protect their brand from counterfeiters, and we are excited to partner in this way to provide users with additional insight on their products throughout the supply chain,” said Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software. “CannVerify users will now get the benefit of product visibility from the seed to the sale as they leverage the integration for assurance that their products are what their labels say they are. While most cannabis companies leverage multiple software solutions to run their businesses, we are excited to continue finding well-respected partners like CannVerify to help streamline solutions for businesses by bringing the best tools together into one platform.”

“We are incredibly proud of this recent integration with Flourish Software, as it shows how our technology integrates with the leading supply chain software for our industry,” said Vicken Jabourian, CEO of CannVerify. “With the increasing and ever-changing regulations in the hemp and cannabis industry, access to safe and compliant products is more important than ever. The QR codes make it easy for Flourish users to add detailed product information and activate serials in bulk in their online system. Through this new integration we can not only protect brands, but also consumers.”

Flourish Software is an innovative technology provider of enterprise supply chain and inventory management software built for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. Flourish currently serves cultivators, manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. For more information, visit https://www.flourishsoftware.com/.  

CannVerify protects cannabis and hemp products through a unique serial number linked to its blockchain-based product verification system. The company has more than 90 cannabis and hemp brands using its services to protect them. For more information, visit https://cannverify.com/.