First Harvest Complete at Flower One's 455,000 Square-foot Cannabis Facility

Published: June 12, 2019

First Harvest Complete at Flower One's 455,000 Square-foot Cannabis Facility

Flower One Holdings Inc. announces the completion of its inaugural cannabis harvest at the company’s 455,000 square-foot commercial-scale greenhouse facility  – the largest in the state of Nevada. With the greenhouse now 100 per cent canopied, the Company has commenced an expected ongoing harvest averaging 10,000 high-quality, hydroponically-grown cannabis plants per zone. This, in conjunction with the completion of the greenhouse’s adjoining 55,000 square-foot cannabis production facility, has well positioned Flower One for the active cultivation and processing of over 100,000 plants housed in eight flower zones, per crop cycle, amounting to an expected 140,000 lbs (or 62,500 kg) of dry flower per year.

“What a surreal and memorable day for the Flower One team. With a completed production facility, and operations now in full swing, we are proud to have completed Flower One’s inaugural harvest today, initiating our ongoing harvest and paving our ability to become the state’s leading provider of high-quality, hydroponically-grown cannabis,” said President and CEO, Ken Villazor. “Not long ago, this facility was used to grow cucumbers. It has been incredibly exciting to witness the complete transformation of Flower One’s greenhouse for cannabis production at scale. Growing healthy crops with a significant yield requires a broad team of dedicated professionals to deliver results. To now be able to observe the fully built production capacity – and the significance of our contribution to Nevada’s budding cannabis market – is a huge milestone for Flower One. We could not be happier with the results.”

Flower One’s expansive, 455,000 square-foot facility has been purposefully designed for the cultivation, processing, production and high-volume custom packing of retail cannabis product for its licensed brand partners, including dry flower, pre-rolls, cannabis oils, distillates, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and infused products.

Having now initiated its harvest, cannabis cultivation and production cycle at Flower One’s greenhouse facility will be ongoing, translating into the following expected future outcomes:

  • The continuous harvesting of one flower zone (averaging 10,000 plants) per week;
  • 140,000 lbs (or 62,500 kg) of high-quality dry flower per year, produced and processed for retail consumption;
  • A reliable, consistent supply of seed-to-retail-ready, custom-packaged product, delivered to Nevada’s cannabis consumers by way of Flower One’s growing portfolio of Brand and Retail Partners; and
  • A genetic library of over 100 unique cannabis strains.

Since embarking on the conversion of its 400,000 square-foot facility in May 2018, more than 138,000 hours of renovation and construction work have been dedicated to converting Nevada’s largest, state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation and production facility. Flower One is now equipped to provide seed-to-retail-ready product that is custom packaged and delivered to retail with a commitment to consistent, reliable, high-volume delivery.