Fire & Flower Announces the Opening of its Toronto - Parkdale Cannabis Retail Store

Published: September 24, 2020

Fire & Flower Announces the Opening of its Toronto - Parkdale Cannabis Retail Store

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Fire & Flower Inc. announced the opening of its TorontoParkdale cannabis retail store. The Company has received its Retail Store Authorization from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and has completed all regulatory requirements in connection with opening the store. The TorontoParkdale location will open on September 27, 2020 and is located at 4 Brock Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. Fire & Flower will host a grand opening on October 2, 2020.

“Our TorontoParkdale location is the second Fire & Flower to open in the major urban market of Toronto and the fourth Fire & Flower to open in the Province of Ontario. As part of our Ontario plan, we completed construction at this location well in advance in preparation for licensing,” shared Trevor Fencott, Chief Executive Officer of Fire & Flower.

“The opening of this store demonstrates our organic growth capabilities in Ontario and we look forward to the ability to open additional already built-out locations as we anticipate the Province’s licensing program picking up speed. We believe that increased licensing of additional retail stores across the province of Ontario is critical to servicing customers that want convenient access to legal, regulated cannabis.”

Additional details on the TorontoParkdale cannabis retail store and other Fire & Flower stores across the province of Ontario can be found on the Company’s website at