EnCann Solutions Announces Receipt of Industrial Hemp License

Published: July 3, 2019

EnCann Solutions Announces Receipt of Industrial Hemp License

EnCann Solutions is announcing that Health Canada has granted an Industrial Hemp License. Having obtained this license is an important step towards EnCann’s inroads into the Canadian cannabidiol (CBD) market.

As the emerging Cannabis 2.0 market develops, and with the non-psychoactive cannabis product CBD largely unavailable on the legal Canadian market, EnCann will be strategically positioned to help to deliver these products to both medical and recreational consumers.

CBD is currently researched for treatments for ailments including anxiety, pain and inflammation, and its rapid expansion to international markets is making it widely available on a plethora of products, from pet supplements to cosmetics. With this license, EnCann is strategically positioned to make inroads to the non-psychoactive CBD market, which is expected to reach US$2.1 billion by 2020 according to a report by analyst firm, Hemp Business Journal.

With proprietary ethanol-extraction technology EnCann is an industrial-scale cannabis extraction company with technology capable of operating at room-temperature without extracting any chlorophylls, fats or waxes. Due to this technology, which significantly increases extraction volumes while maintaining product integrity, EnCann will be uniquely prepared to service the growing need for extracts in both the Canadian medical and recreational markets.

“Overall, our validation testing has shown that this technology allows us to reduce our operational expenditures by about 80% vs a traditional Cryo process,” said Lincoln Johnson, CEO and Founder of EnCann. “Our CapEx is also significantly lower than other solutions, somewhere in the range of an order of magnitude less than any off the shelf equipment.”

EnCann’s patent-pending extraction technology allows for the production of consistently higher quality extract at an ~80 percent operational cost savings to that of the traditional methods currently being implemented by existing industry competitors. EnCann has a target output capability of 5000 pounds per 8-hour shift of raw biomass.

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