empyri Launches New Cannabis-infused Skincare Product

Published: July 27, 2021

empyri Launches New Cannabis-infused Skincare Product

Canadian cannabis wellness company empyri unveils the newest addition to its clean, green and cannabis-infused skincare line, holistic hydration daily moisturizer formulated with hydrolyzed cannabis sativa (hemp) seed extract, clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, heal dry skin and improve elasticity.

empyri’s hydrolyzed cannabis sativa seed extract is clinically-proven to enhance the look of dry, rough and uneven skin. They’ve combined cannabis sativa seed extract with other naturally-derived active ingredients such as, Aquaxyl™ (a trademark of Seppic Inc.) and hyaluronic acid to create this superlight, cannabis-infused, daily moisturizing cream that provides all-day, holistic hydration plus protection from environmental damage.

“Hempseed oil has been used in cosmetics for decades, known for being deeply hydrating and non-comedogenic, but seed extract from cannabis plants is little known in skincare,” says empyri founder, Jennifer Grant. “I’m excited to launch this new moisturizer infused with both cannabis seed oil and extract, not only because the clinical research shows how beneficial it is for skin, but also because one of empyri’s goals is to improve the utility of Canadian-grown cannabis by finding innovative ways to use each part of the plant”.

empyri launched in October 2020 with its 3-step ritual skincare system, already popular with clean beauty consumers and the cannabis curious. Two more products featuring cannabis seed extract are set to launch later this year, and Grant says she is working on a men’s line for 2022 as well as a CBD line for the US.

About empyri
empyri is a cannabis wellness and skincare company based in London, Ontario, Canada. empyri products are formulated with cannabis roots, cannabis seed extract and cannabis seed oil to nourish and heal stressed out skin. Canadian made in GMP facilities, containing no THC or CBD, cruelty-free, chemical-free, vegan, and all packaging is 100% recyclable.