Empower Announces Updates to AI Pilot Program

Published: March 20, 2019

Empower Announces Updates to AI Pilot Program

Empower Clinics, a growth oriented and diversified medical cannabis company, is pleased to provide an update on recent activities by the technical teams at Empower and Canntop AI Inc., a subsidiary of Datametrex AI Limited to develop a deeper understanding of patient awareness of cannabis-based treatment options and ongoing effectiveness of treatment programs.

The Company has provided select SEO terms and phrases for use in Canntop’s artificial intelligence (“AI“) platform, targeting two key company markets, Portland, OR and Phoenix, AZ, to gain actionable insights on how consumer social data is generating interest in CBD-based products, alternative pain management options and the use of cannabis-based therapies.

“Insights derived from AI are beginning to demonstrate how patients in our key markets are talking about or describing their experience and ideas related to cannabis/CBD-based treatments, and even suggesting recommendations about alternative therapies and their effectiveness in treating a wide array of qualifying conditions,” stated Steven McAuley, Empower’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We believe the outcomes of our AI efforts, if successful, could position the Company as an educational leader and we plan to collaborate with the industry with the ultimate goal of improving patient care,” said Mr. McAuley. “Canntop’s powerful AI tools are helping us analyze the substantial amounts of data in the Empower database and we expect will facilitate the integration of the additional data we expect to derive from the proposed acquisition of the Sun Valley Clinic group, that has a combined 165,000 patients.”

“We are thrilled that Empower chose Canntop AI to be their partner for their Artificial Intelligence needs. This is a great validation for our business model and we look forward to expanding our program with Empower as they continue to expand their product. We believe that this alliance between Canntop and Empower will create a strong platform for data analysis in the cannabis sector especially in the U.S., providing insurers and health care providers an ideal solution for patient care,” said Michael Frank, Chief Strategy Officer of Datametrex.


  • Patient EHR and Management System Empower utilizes a market-leading patient electronic management and POS system that is HIPAA compliant and provides deep insight to patient care.
  • Tele-Medicine Platform The Company supports remote patients using its tele-medicine portal, enabling patients who do not live near one of its clinic locations, or are disabled or unable to come to a location, to still benefit from a doctor consultation.
  • Website and e-commerce Empower will be commencing the development of its new corporate website and e-commerce store to promote and sell its growing line of CBD-based products under the Sollievo brand and other partner brands.

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