Empower Announces Partnership with Cannvas Medtech to Advance Patient Education

Published: April 23, 2019

Empower Announces Partnership with Cannvas Medtech to Advance Patient Education

Empower Clinics Inc., a diversified health and wellness company, is pleased to announce the signing of a pilot agreement with Cannvas MedTech Inc., a digital cannabis education and analytics company, to launch a comprehensive education, data collection and analysis program starting with the installation of a network of standalone on-site Cannvas Kiosks in the Empower network of medical clinics.

“This is an opportunity to bring unbiased cannabis education to a large population of patients looking for therapies to alleviate a number of ailments while also learning more about what behaviours may drive the decision to look at cannabis as an alternative or complementary treatment,” said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, Cannvas MedTech. “We are thrilled to partner with Empower Clinics to couple cannabis education with data analysis and better serve their patients while growing the Cannvas brand across the United States.”

The partnership installs Cannvas as the exclusive provider of cannabis education to Empower Clinics and its 120,000 patients in the U.S. Cannvas plans to place its Cannvas Kiosks throughout Empower’s network of clinics to provide accessible and unbiased cannabis education to its patients, integrating geo-targeting capabilities to ensure relevant contextual information across the country. Cannvas will also be a key data and analytics partner for Empower, providing meaningful insights on customer behaviours and industry trends and integrating mutually beneficial existing data partnerships.

“In recent weeks, the Company has been re-positioning its overall strategy to become a vertically integrated health and wellness company that connects to its 120,000 patients using a data driven focus to improve patients’ lives with products, technology and health systems”, stated Steven McAuley, Empower CEO, “the addition of the Cannvas educational kiosks, a user friendly and highly interactive education platform, is a tremendous step forward to making our brand the thought leader and go to source for content for both patients and the medical community nationwide.”

Every month Empower hosts informational sessions about alternative treatment options and the potential health benefits with doctors and staff available to answer questions. Cannvas expects to play an active role in the review and implementation of new educational curriculum based on original content from Cannvas.Me.