Emerald Health Therapeutics’ Verdélite Launches Souvenir™ Cannabis Brand in Québec

Published: June 24, 2020

Emerald Health Therapeutics’ Verdélite Launches Souvenir™ Cannabis Brand in Québec

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. announced that its Verdélite Sciences subsidiary in St. Eustache, Québec, has launched its new Souvenir cannabis brand in the province. The Souvenir product line initially consists of select dried flower products from two Emerald cultivars, Grapefruit GG4 and Chemdog. The first shipments have been made to the SQDC, Québec’s cannabis distribution board, and will be distributed through SQDC retail and online stores.

Souvenir is focused on bringing unique offerings to the Québec market at a competitive price point. Artisanal care and freshness are implicit in Verdélite’s cultivation, harvesting, and production philosophy. Every batch of dried flower product is hand harvested, hang dried and dry trimmed, then carefully cured and hand packaged. These craft products are delivered to the SQDC within weeks of packaging to ensure the highest possible product freshness to consumers.

“With over 80 years of cannabis growing experience in Québec, our Souvenir™ branded high-quality cannabis is grown with passion and pride that pays homage to its Québec roots and customers,” said Riaz Bandali, President and Chief Executive Officer of Emerald. “This highly-sophisticated operation was fully commissioned and in full production just in the first quarter of this year, and we look forward to the progress of this operation as it continues to develop through multiple harvest cycles.”

The initial Souvenir products are high-potency THC strains with distinct aromas and flavours. Chemdog is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid, bred in the 1970s. Grapefruit GG4 is a combination of Grapefruit, a citrusy sativa, and GG4, a member of the indica GG family. The initial products are available in 3.5g packages. This will be expanded into new formats and categories, including 15g and pre-rolls.

Verdélite Sciences’ sophisticated 88,000 square foot indoor growing facility, which is located near Montreal, employs 67 people and comprises 21 independent grow rooms to produce small batches of craft cannabis. Verdélite has an extensive library of cannabis genetics and ongoing R&D to develop new strains, giving it the opportunity to offer unique Souvenir products every quarter.

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. is committed to creating new consumer experiences with distinct recreational, medical and wellness-oriented cannabis and non-cannabis products, with an emphasis on life science-based innovation and production excellence.

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