E-Commerce Technology Developer BOTTLECAPPS Expands Into Canada

Published: July 6, 2021

E-Commerce Technology Developer BOTTLECAPPS Expands Into Canada

Bottlecapps has joined forces with Canadian consulting company Rising Tide Consultants (RTC) to extend its best-in-class portfolio of products to retail alcohol stores across the country.

“This partnership allows for Bottlecapps’ industry expertise to share the stage with the local touch, perspective, and guidance that Rising Tide provides,” said Bottlecapps’ Chief Marketing Officer Preet Dhillon. “As a native of BC myself, it is with great pride we begin offering our goods and services to the beverage alcohol industry across Canada as well.”

Rising Tide Consultants is a full-service liquor and cannabis consulting and licensing firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, with licensing experience in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Bottlecapps operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and bills on a monthly, flat-rate, subscription basis for all its products and services. Unlike other third-party delivery platforms, Bottlecapps gives beverage stores the ability to brand their e-commerce experience, market directly to and retain control of their customers and sell ALL their products online for convenient PICKUP or DELIVERY — and do this with no transaction fees, EVER. With Bottlecapps’ transparent pricing, stores pay one, low, monthly rate, and keep the profits. Bottlecapps’ store-branded apps and websites help its clients do three things: 1.) Connect to Customers 2.) Create Loyalty 3.) Grow Sales.

Bottlecapps has also developed partnerships with the largest brands and distributors, as well as delivery and payment platforms to provide a turnkey, go-to-market e-commerce solution that puts the retailer in control and coaches them along the way. Expansion for Bottlecapps into Canada began in April and, with store counts now exceeding a dozen, the company expects interest to ramp up significantly as the summer temps rise.

“We are prepping for a monster next couple of months in Canada concerning newly signed accounts,” exuded Bottlecapps Regional Sales Manager Ash Sengara. “For the first few months, we’ve kind of just been ‘testing the waters’ with our prospecting and, instead, focused more on our market research — but after clients like Lennox Liquor and Liquor World decided to trust us with their e-commerce needs, we are now starting to really max out our marketing and staffing efforts for the Canadian market.”

Sengara also commented on Bottlecapps’ approach to combine International and Big Commerce experience with local market understanding and representation. “Having the obvious advantage of working for Bottlecapps for the past six months, but also living in the Vancouver area myself, I can truly appreciate what our customers based north of the border are wanting and expecting. This is my home, and these are the businesses I shop at, so it’s my job to provide the best experience and service possible.”

Canadian expansion for Bottlecapps will roll out in phases, beginning on the west coast and working its way eastward by the end of the year. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit the website at Bottlecapps.com.