#DontTaxMedicine Campaign Goes on the Offensive Against Unjust Taxes on Medical Cannabis

Published: February 6, 2019

#DontTaxMedicine Campaign Goes on the Offensive Against Unjust Taxes on Medical Cannabis

Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM) is going on the offensive and urging Canadians to stand with patients and their families by telling government: #DontTaxMedicine! With the 2019 Federal Budget being announced at the end of February, CFAMM is doubling down on its commitment and calls on the Finance Minister and Members of Parliament to remove all taxes on medical cannabis before the budget is finalized.

“After 31 years working for the police service, medical cannabis has been essential in treating my PTSD,” said Vincent Lefaive, retired Durham Regional Police Service sergeant and medical cannabis patient. “Taxes on medical cannabis reminds me that many Canadians who depend on this important treatment are struggling with the cost of their medicine.”

More than 330,000 Canadians rely on medical cannabis, which is authorized by health care professionals to treat serious medical conditions. Unlike other prescription drugs on which neither excise tax or HST is charged, medical cannabis is being taxed by federal and provincial governments. CFAMM maintains that this necessary treatment is being taxed because of moral judgment, greed, and government overreach.

“In some provinces, sales and excise tax combine to increase the cost of medical cannabis by up to 25 per cent. The government is making it incredibly hard for patients to manage the cost of their treatment and many tell us they cannot afford anywhere near their full dose,” said CFAMM President and medical cannabis patient, James O’Hara. “Over-taxing leads to under-dosing, which can aggravate symptoms, leading to additional strain onto Canadian public health systems. These costs are passed on to all taxpayers.”

A 2018 Environics poll found that a majority of Canadians (62%) are opposed to taxing medical cannabisi and since its launch in 2017, #DontTaxMedicine mobilized supporters to send 25,000 emails to elected officials advocating for the elimination of this unjust tax. The campaign is doubling down on its efforts throughout February to rally even greater support and urge Parliament to remove these taxes before the announcement of the 2019 budget.

“The potential benefits of medical cannabis combined with an aging population gives federal and provincial governments an opportunity to be proactive and reduce future costs on the healthcare system,” said James O’Hara. “Taxes on medical cannabis hurts patients, their families and impacts all Canadians – it’s time to take action.”

For more information go to https://DontTaxMedicine.ca

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