Dixie Brands Launches First-Ever Dissolvable, CBD-Infused Drink Tablets

Published: May 23, 2019

Dixie Brands Launches First-Ever Dissolvable, CBD-Infused Drink Tablets

Dixie Brands, a cannabis consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, unveiled a new product from its wholly owned subsidiary,  Aceso Hemp. A growing line of indication-specific, hemp-derived supplements that promote optimal health, Aceso introduced Fizz Tabs, the first-ever line of dissolvable hemp-infused tablets to enter the cannabidiol (CBD) category. The line expansion creates an on-the-go option for consumers and promotes a powerful addition to wellness regimens.

“Aceso has been a pioneer in the hemp industry for years, allowing us to perfect sophisticated formulas based on herbalism that set the precedent for broad spectrum hemp,” said Kurt Forstmann, Vice President of Corporate Business Development for Aceso. “Projections indicate that the CBD category is expected to be a 45 billion dollar ($45 billion) industry by 2024, and we’re confident that our new Fizz Tabs are part of the next-generation of CBD products that are going to continue to set the pace for the category.”

An evolution of Aceso’s popular indication specific formulas, Calm, Soothe and Wellness, Fizz Tabs dissolve quickly in a glass of water, adding effervescence and flavor, and can be taken on an as needed basis with the benefits lasting for 4-6 hours. Designed in compact form for easy accessibility and convenience, the tablets are available in multiple flavors that each feature 10 mg of broad spectrum hemp per serving. The Fizz Tab line features:

  • Calm Fizz Tabs combine the calming properties of lavender, grapefruit and passionflower extracts with broad spectrum hemp oil to help people de-stress or reduce anxiety.
  • Soothe Fizz Tabs mix turmeric and bromelain with broad spectrum hemp oil to help ease daily aches and pains and reduce soreness.
  • Wellness Fizz Tabs are a blend of vitamins, broad spectrum hemp oil and capsaicin to promote energy, wellness and mood stability.

With a majority of brands in the CBD space providing rudimentary offerings, Aceso takes pride in the craft of creating effective products that use innovative formulas and natural ingredients.  As one of the first entrants into the category, Aceso brings a deep understanding of the industry’s complex regulatory structure and expertise in the production of safe, effective and compliant products that can be sold across the United States.

“As part of the cannabis industry’s leading consumer packaged goods company, Aceso creates products that cater to consumers who are increasingly looking for natural alternatives in their wellness regimens with our three specific formulations: Calm, Soothe and Wellness, ” said Hilal Tabsh, Vice President of Marketing and Distribution at Aceso. “Together, Aceso and Dixie have spent nearly a decade combined, investing in scientific research and technology that has unlocked the powers of hemp to deliver over-gratifying results for our consumers, and we’re pleased to offer Fizz Tabs as a new and innovative extension of our ever-growing portfolio.”

Aceso’s Fizz Tabs are conveniently packaged individually in a box of 20, and are priced competitively at $22.00 per box. Calm and Soothe Fizz Tabs can be purchased now at www.acesohemp.com, and Aceso Wellness Fizz Tabs will be available in June 2019.