Delta 9 Signs Master License Agreement with NanoSphere Health Sciences

Published: January 24, 2019

Delta 9 Signs Master License Agreement with NanoSphere Health Sciences

Delta 9 Cannabis has signed a Master License Agreement with NanoSphere Health Sciences and its Canadian subsidiary, NanoSphere Cannabis International Inc. The Agreement provides Delta 9 with an exclusive license in Canada to manufacture and sell products made with Nanosphere’s patented technology for the delivery of cannabinoids via nanoparticle technology. The two companies are already working on the first product for Canada; an intraoral cannabis oil containing cannabinoid nanoparticles, that is being produced over the next month for an upcoming inspection for final approval by Health Canada.

“The Agreement paves the way for an entirely new form of consumption for both medical and recreational consumers of cannabis,” said Delta 9, CEO John Arbuthnot. “On the recreational side, we can now provide a healthier alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis, but that still gives you the same or better effect. Equally important, our NanoSphere products provide for the first time a truly appropriate way to deliver medical cannabis, with precise dosage, better bio-availability, and without essentially having to ‘smoke your medicine’.”

The NanoSphere Delivery System of Cannabis works by nano-encapsulating active ingredients in phospholipid membranes for transportation through the skin and mucosa into the bloodstream within minutes. Cannabis applications of the technology include transdermal viscous gels, intranasal products and intraoral products, all of which provide rapid results, precise dosages and high bioavailability. The NanoSphere Delivery System of Cannabis can eliminate the need for inhalation or ingestion of cannabis, offering users a potentially safer and more effective method of consumption.

“This partnership with Delta 9 marks a critical inflection point in NanoSphere’s development, allowing our entry into the world’s most developed cannabis market,” said NCI President Gary Symons. “I have worked personally with Delta 9 for many years, so I know the extremely high quality of their production, and we are obviously very excited to now be working together on Canada’s first NanoSphere product.”

Under the Agreement, Delta 9 will pay to NanoSphere a Licensing Fee of $500,000 Cdn. while NanoSphere will equip the production lab and train Delta 9 staff in the production of the NanoSphere Delivery System of Cannabis product line. Delta 9 and NanoSphere will each receive 50 percent of the gross profit from the sale of NanoSphere technology-based products. The initial term of the Agreement is 36 months following the date Health Canada approves the licensed products for sale.