Delta 9 Opens US Based Showroom for Grow Pod and Equipment Sales

Published: December 6, 2021

Delta 9 Opens US Based Showroom for Grow Pod and Equipment Sales

DELTA 9 CANNABIS INC. announced the opening of a US based showroom in Valley City, North Dakota, for sales of the Company’s proprietary grow system. The showroom facility will provide potential Grow Pod customers with a stateside option to view working infrastructure in the United States. Delta 9 has now sold over 250 Grow Pods to third party facilities across North America.

“We are continuing to ramp up our marketing efforts for our Grow Pods in the United States market and this new showroom will play an important role in our US strategy,” said John Arbuthnot, CEO of Delta 9, “We feel the US market will provide a significant growth opportunity for our B2B and equipment products in the coming years.”

The Company’s cultivation methodology is based around a modular, scalable, and stackable production unit called a “Grow Pod”, which are based on retrofitted 40-foot shipping containers. The Grow Pods are built to comply with Health Canada or other State or federal regulatory standards for security and Good Production and Good Agricultural Practices and are optimized for large scale cultivation operations.

The showroom facility is co-located with Malach Metal and Machining Inc. (“Malach”). Malach has facilities located in Winnipeg, Canada and Valley City, North Dakota, USA, and is a world-class supplier of fabricated metal products and supply chain solutions to the OEM, transportation, agricultural, heavy construction, and medical / electronics industries. Malach boasts over 135,000 square feet of manufacturing, storage, and office space at its Canadian and US operations and over 120 staff. Malach has acted as a third-party manufacturing partner of Delta 9’s Grow Pods in the Canadian market and has capacity to provide a “Made in USA” solution for US based Delta 9 Grow Pod customers.

The Grow Pods provide a number of benefits versus traditional open warehouse or green house cultivation operations, namely;

  • The Grow Pods provide a high level of control over the growing environment for variables such as light intensity and spectrum, temperature, humidity, etc. contributing to higher quality agricultural products;
  • The ability to customize the growing environment for each genetic variety of crop, maximizing the quality and yield;
  • The Grow Pods provide an attractive return on invested capital for cash crops;
  • The modular format and controlled environment minimize the risk of contamination from plant diseases or pests; and
  • The modular format minimizes the risk of materially significant crop loss.

About Delta 9 Cannabis Inc.
Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. is a vertically integrated cannabis company focused on bringing the highest quality cannabis products to market. Delta 9’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc., is a licensed producer of medical and recreational cannabis and operates an 80,000 square foot production facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Delta 9 owns and operates a chain of retail stores under the Delta 9 Cannabis Store brand. Delta 9’s shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DN” and on the OTCQX under the symbol “DLTNF”. For more information, please visit