Datable Signs LOI with Circadian Group to Integrate flexxiNVEST with The Cannabis Investor to Launch flexxiNVEST

Published: June 20, 2019

Datable Signs LOI with Circadian Group to Integrate flexxiNVEST with The Cannabis Investor to Launch flexxiNVEST

Datable Technology Corp. has signed a letter of intent with the Circadian Group to launch flexxiNVEST, a shareholder loyalty platform. flexxiNVEST enables public companies to establish ongoing digital engagement with shareholders and reward them for supporting the company, while collecting valuable data and feedback.

Under the terms of the LOI, Datable will integrate flexxiNVEST with The Cannabis Investor, Circadian’s investor website, under a revenue and profit sharing arrangement. The terms of the revenue share and profit share will be part of a definitive agreement. Datable and Circadian will cooperate to sell shareholder loyalty services to public companies. flexxiNVEST will initially focus on publicly traded companies in the cannabis sector, but can be implemented by public companies in any sector.

“Many large cap public companies have implemented shareholder loyalty programs. We are excited to be launch partners for flexxiNVEST, a mobile digital platform to provide ongoing engagement with shareholders and investors,” said Ryan Troup, President of Circadian. “We are confident integrating Datable’s PLATFORM³ into The Cannabis Investor because it is a scalable, proven technology that has been battle tested by leading consumer brands, processing millions of purchases and consumer interactions.”

“Investor relations is ripe for the next stage of disruption using digital mobile technology to reward shareholders and investors and collect valuable data regarding preferences and demographics. Our business model is opt-in and performance based, generating value for investor members, public companies, Datable shareholders and our partners,” said Kim Oishi, Executive Chairman of Datable. “We are very pleased that Circadian, a pioneer in digital investor relations is our launch partner. In 2019, Datable is launching new products and applications leveraging PLATFORM³ to create new sources of revenue.”

flexxiNVEST is an investor rewards and loyalty portal designed to encourage investors to engage with publicly traded companies. Investors register to become members of flexxiNVEST to earn rewards for consuming content published by public companies such as press releases, investor presentations, reports, newsletters and corporate videos. Members can also earn valuable rewards for completing tasks such as registering as a shareholder, requesting contact with companies’ investor relations, completing surveys, referring friends and sharing content via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

flexxiNVEST helps publicly traded companies enhance shareholder loyalty, expand investor awareness and build a database of investors and shareholders. In the process, lexxiNVEST captures valuable investor data that can be used to retarget investors with digital advertising.

Members earn reward points for their interactions which can be redeemed for products and services, including those that further support the public company such as discounts on products, site visits, tickets to company events, lunch with the CEO, branded products or for any of the gift cards supported by flexxiNVEST including Walmart, Starbucks and iTunes.

All of the actions and data collection described above can be performed by Datable’s proprietary, mobile-based consumer marketing platform – PLATFORM3 – that is now sold to global consumer packaged goods companies and consumer brands. Datable’s customers are leading consumer brands that use PLATFORM³ to reward consumers for purchasing, viewing content, sharing content via social media, referring friends and completing surveys (see