Collective Project Launches Newest Product at the OCS: Blueberry & Lemon Iced Tea

Published: August 8, 2022

Collective Project Launches Newest Product at the OCS:  Blueberry & Lemon Iced Tea

The Collective Project team is excited to announce the launch of their 5th sku to release through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) – a Blueberry and Lemon Iced Tea. This Cannabis Infused Iced Tea was brewed with real blueberry puree and a twist of lemon, for flavours reminiscent of an Ontario summer. This Collective Project beverage combines fruit juice, tea with real botanicals and a 2:1 cannabis emulsion to offer drinkers a well-balanced drink in both flavour and dose.

Collective Project partnered with mixed media Artist, Brianne Burnell who is based in Toronto, Ontario. Her digital illustration, “Mood Ring” is a visual representation of our new Blueberry and Lemon Iced Tea. Her work is intuitive, experimental, and full of colour. She explores the limitless combinations of colour, shape, and texture through a combination of collage, painting, and digital manipulation.

Director Of Brand Marketing & Communications of Collective Project, Toni Shelton says, “This new innovation is filling a gap in the market for the on-going want and trend of Iced Tea Infused Beverages. We are excited to have a flavour profile that is inspired by our home province. Blueberries are something that every Ontario consumer is familiar with and expands beyond into the Canadian market. The 2:1 emulsion is a compelling change of pace for our consumers and we are looking forward to continuously brewing delicious and innovative beverages.”

“Working with real botanicals and teas has been a bit of a sandbox project for us in both cannabis and alcohol over the last year, as tea allows us to craft beverages with elevated flavours without too much sugar. With the Ontario blueberry season in full swing, it’s even more exciting to be able to use ingredients inspired by our own backyard. We put a Collective Project spin on a simple homegrown staple – perfect for the last dock days of the Ontario summer!”

Consumers can find the Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea through the OCS and through local retailers, for $9.45 CAD. Collective Project adds to Collective Arts’ growing lineup of over 150 annual beverage releases including craft beer, ready-to-drink cocktails and sparkling hard teas. Collective Project cans retail for $6.95 CAD – $9.95 CAD and are available now through the Ontario Cannabis Store at

About Collective Project 
Collective Project believes that a creative world is a better world and we’re on a mission to bring inspiration, collaboration and creativity into everyday life. Collective Project stands behind all creatives in their efforts to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. We think there’s creativity in everyone. We’re here to spark it. Our beverages are made with real and fresh ingredients; sparkling juices and sparkling teas that are well balanced in both flavour and dose.