Cannvas Signs Joint Marketing Agreement with Cannametrics

Published: January 15, 2019

Cannvas Signs Joint Marketing Agreement with Cannametrics

Cannvas MedTech Inc., a leading digital cannabis educator and business technology company, and Cannametrics, a collaborative crowd-sourced data science project to classify the effects of cannabis strains and products, signed a definitive joint marketing agreement to explore, in good faith, collaborative opportunities to share insights into data metrics across the Canadian cannabis landscape through their respective Cannvas.Me and platforms.

“We are thrilled to be in active talks with Eric and Gina at Cannametrics to discover how our organizations can pool resources to paint a better picture of cannabis consumption across Canada through our accessible and evidence-backed Cannvas.Me cannabis education resource and the innovative Cannametrics platform,” said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “Cannametrics recognizes the value of data and data analysis in surveying cannabis usage among Canadians and we hope to work together to leverage that knowledge with supporting statistics from our Cannvas.Me digital cannabis learning platform to inform the decisions of policymakers, producers and retailers in shaping how cannabis is legislated, distributed and used from coast to coast.”

Much like the Cannvas.Me platform strives to inform users of the potential health benefits of cannabis and educate them on whether it fits with their lifestyle, Cannametrics is poised to be an industry disrupter by acknowledging people respond differently to cannabis products and providing personalized recommendations through its advanced machine-learning backend. Developed by Eric Jacobsen, MFC, and Dr. Gina Conte, Ph.D., to address the pressing concern of credibility in the marketplace, Cannametrics’ goal is to arm cannabis consumers with a collaborative crowd-sourced tool to track the experiential effects of different cannabis strains and products and streamline their cannabis experience.

Cannametrics is a machine-learning platform helping users find cannabis products that fit their needs. The platform collects data on user experiences with cannabis products through a patent-pending touchscreen graphical interface known as The Experience Signature. The Experience Signature provides an easy to understand infographic that serves as a product profile, strengthening branding for licensed producers and retailers and providing confidence for the consumer as well as saving them time and money. These product profiles are currently being developed as subscription-based data products for the North American online and in-store retail industry

“Operating as part of our Cannvas.Me platform, Cannvas Data analyzes a multitude of data points tied into cannabis strain reviews and scientific and medical research data, as we aim to be the social and census data collection agency of the cannabis industry coupling machine-learning algorithms with scientific and medical research data and providing meaningful insights to the global cannabis community,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “Cannametrics and Cannvas Data share the same goal and by combining our data analysis technologies, we hope to gain deeper industry insights for business planning and product development as we also collaborate on creating mutually-beneficial revenue-generating opportunities.”

Overlaying scientific and medical research data from Cannvas.Me users with a growing group of strategic partners has positioned Cannvas Data as a leading source of comprehensive and unbiased information on the behaviours of active and potential cannabis consumers across Canada. Cannvas.Me is a free and unbiased physician-backed digital educational resource for medicinal and adult-use cannabis users offering innovative tools for all audiences wishing to learn about health care through cannabis.

During the exploratory period, Cannvas and Cannametrics will work together to develop specific parameters within its existing Cannvas Data framework to collect data and analytics from Cannametrics and provide Cannametrics with access to the Cannvas.Me dataset.The two companies will also work together to enhance user experiences across each respective platform, including positioning Cannvas.Me as a leading cannabis education resource to users, and review their strategic partnership networks to identify further opportunities.

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