Cannvas Establishes Industry Framework for Cannabis Data Reports & Analytics

Published: September 6, 2018

Cannvas Establishes Industry Framework for Cannabis Data Reports & Analytics

Cannvas MedTech Inc., a leading business technology company in the cannabis space, announced it has established an industry framework for data reporting and analytics for the Canadian and global cannabis marketplace. Data and information captured through, a global cannabis education platform, will be presented through a self-serve delivery system with innovative forms of information filtering and processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

“By leveraging our knowledge of advanced technology and consumer marketing we have created the tools to provide stakeholders in the Canadian and global cannabis market with the ability for evidence-based decision making,” said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, Cannvas MedTech. “The cannabis industry is in the very early stage of development and is lacking a central database for researchers, healthcare professionals, licensed producers and other industry stakeholders to gain access to real industry insights.”

Data is a major priority for corporations of all sizes. By using advanced technology, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, Cannvas Data will analyze the large data sets captured from online platform. The data originating from, clinical and academic research, government reports and other sources will contain a broad spectrum of data points types, that when analyzed will uncover market trend, hidden patterns, unknown correlations, customer preferences and other valuable business information.

“Cannvas Data will produce data analytics and trend analysis on global consumer data and cannabis industry benchmarks,” continued Moniz, “Data points such as consumption, health and wellness, demographics and geo-location are examples of what will be captured and analyzed for the multiple integrated verticals of the cannabis industry, empowering decision making with accurate, timely and insightful results.”