Cannvas Enters European Markets Following Successful Entry into U.S. Cannabis Market

Published: May 16, 2019

Cannvas Enters European Markets Following Successful Entry into U.S. Cannabis Market

Cannvas MedTech Inc., a digital cannabis education and analytics company, is pleased to announce it has undertaken expansion plans across the European market, implementing a similar revenue growth strategy to the one it successfully followed to enter the U.S. space.

“The Cannvas executive team has spent a significant amount of time in Europe advancing the need for cannabis education directed at consumers and health care practitioners coupled with analytics to better understand a rapidly-growing cannabis market across the continent,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets, Cannvas MedTech. “With deep roots in countries such as Greece and Portugal, our executive team is well-positioned to leverage key contacts within those medical markets and ease expansion plans within those regions.”

Similar to recent U.S.-based partnerships with the likes of Empower Clinics and US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Cannvas plans to pursue strategic collaborations with European entities active in the cannabis and health sciences space, including physician’s offices, health clinics and pharmacies, insurance and government agencies, medical and educational institutions and more.

Cannvas plans to aggressively market its Cannvas Kiosk concept to EU nations as a cost-efficient and data-driven avenue of education delivery to citizens where they learn, work, eat and live. Focused first on establishing a kiosk network across health clinics, pharmacies and hospitals, the Cannvas team will also be reaching out to retailers, entertainment facilities, educational institutions and government agencies.

While Cannvas expects to derive revenue from its kiosk network, it also expects a receptive audience to its white label solutions for cannabis education, providing organizations with evidence-based cannabis learning modules powered by its Cannvas.Me platform. Sectors to be targeted for education solutions include medical, retail, cannabis production and distribution, government and higher learning. Cannvas also expects a robust demand for contextual media and ad placement across its platforms as an additional driver of revenue.

Further to its announcement in 2018 regarding expansion into Germany, one of the fastest growing medical cannabis marketplaces in the world, Cannvas is exploring ideal locations to potentially set up operations in one or more central European locations, pending the outcome of ongoing high-level conversations with potential EU partner organizations.