Cannvas Announces Formation of Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board

Published: January 14, 2019

Cannvas Announces Formation of Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board

Cannvas MedTech Inc., a leading digital cannabis educator and business technology company, announced its plans to form an independent panel of esteemed and established scientific consultants from across a range of industries to provide oversight and original content to the Cannvas.Me digital cannabis education platform. Members of the newly-formed Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board are expected to be announced in early 2019.

“We are excited to bring together scientific experts from within and outside the cannabis industry to contribute their wealth of knowledge and experience in ensuring the educational content on Cannvas.Me remains relevant as it pertains to the latest in cannabis and health sciences,” said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “As researchers continue to unravel the science of cannabis and solve new and potentially industry-disrupting mysteries surrounding the plant and its uses – such as the developing argument of classifying cannabis by terpene profiles instead of strain names – our Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board will help ensure Cannvas.Me users continue to receive up-to-date research-based information in an easy-to-learn format.”

The newly-formed Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board joins the independent Medical Advisory Board and Educational Advisory Panel already established at Cannvas.Me. The two existing boards are made up of licenced health practitioners and certified educators from Canada and the United States. The Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board will also include prominent Canadians and Americans who are among the leaders in their fields with robust backgrounds in education, health sciences, medicine and research. Members of the Board will be in constant communication with the Cannvas.Me team to offer guidance on new educational modules, oversight of and contributions to original Cannvas.Me content, and insights into health sciences, clinical trials, medical and scientific regulatory affairs, and other related topics.

“The cannabis industry is growing like a weed and a constant stream of conflicting facts and misinformation from a range of unreliable sources underscores the crucial need for scientific evidence to support the evolving narrative of this complex plant,” said Daniel Davidzon, Director of Strategy and Education, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “The addition of a Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board allows Cannvas.Me to provide its users with an accessible and elevated educational experience based on the latest meaningful and evidence-based research being done in the science community across Canada and the world.”

Operating independent of any licenced producers or clinics, Cannvas.Me works with its Medical Advisory Board and Educational Advisory Panel to provide a safe space for cannabis education with no pressure to purchase or consume. The Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board will work toward the same goal and strive to ensure all original content relating to health and cannabis sciences is delivered to users in an accurate and relevant fashion in easily-digestible educational modules.

Aiming to be the household name in cannabis education, Cannvas.Me provides free and physician-backed digital cannabis education for all audiences wishing to learn about the potential health benefits of cannabis and whether it fits their lifestyle. The educational platform features a number of innovative modules and tools making cannabis education approachable and accessible to a global audience:

  • Cannvas Academy – educational learning modules created by licensed medical practitioners and certified educators with a focus on health care, lifestyle and wellness;
  • Cannvas Strain Matcher – an interactive experience where users learn which strain is best for alleviating specific ailments;
  • Cannvas Culinary – a culinary training module with recipes, ideas and more;
  • Cannvas Health & Fitness – combining a cannabis-healthy lifestyle with training and fitness activities;
  • Cannvas Cannabis & Science – for active and potential cannabis users interested in learning more about the science of the plant and how it impacts the human endocannabinoid system.

Additionally, the company has granted incentive stock options to purchase a total of 1,500,000 common shares at an exercise price of $0.28 per share for a period of five years to certain directors and officers in accordance with the provisions of its stock option plan.