Canntab Granted 2nd Patent For Immediate Release Cannabidiol Formulation Tablets

Published: February 2, 2021

Canntab Granted 2nd Patent For Immediate Release Cannabidiol Formulation Tablets

Canntab Therapeutics Limited, an innovator in cannabinoid and terpene blends in hard pill form for therapeutic applications, is thrilled to announce the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (“CIPO”) has allowed Canadian Patent No. CA 3050150 to Canntab, related to its proprietary cannabidiol formulations with a priority date of January 23, 2017. The term of the patent expires on January 22, 2038.

Canntab’s Legal Counsel on intellectual property, Gavin Bogle of Magyar, Bogle & O’Hara LLP said, “The allowance of Canntab’s patent by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office provides fundamental intellectual protection for Canntab’s innovative tableting technology and validates the years of research and development the company has conducted. The Company now has patent protection in Canada and the USA providing an international scope to the Company’s expanding portfolio of issued patents.”

Canntab believes its hard pill formulations are superior to all other medical CBD and THC delivery systems since they are true pharmaceutical grade delivery systems which provide for superior ingredient stability, enhanced bioavailability, and provide customizable and precise dosing, as opposed to the widely available gel caps and capsule products from other suppliers.

Larry Latowsky, CEO of Canntab said, “This is another major milestone that confirms our proprietary formulations are unique and differentiated from other product offerings in the global marketplace. Intellectual property is at the root of our value proposition and, having been granted our first Canadian patent and our second patent overall in less than 5 months, further confirms our leading position as the go to company for precise dosage and pharmaceutical grade tablets for the medical market containing THC, CBD or any combination of THC and CBD.”  Mr. Latowsky added “we are particularly pleased with the opportunities that are being presented for us to provide solutions to the USA market with the anticipated regulatory changes contemplated by the Biden Administration which we anticipate will allow us faster access to the largest medical cannabis market in the world”.

To further advance our IP, Canntab intends to prove greater bio-availability through a blood level study at a third party Clinical Research Organization (“CRO”). This study is currently in the planning phase and Canntab will provide further details on timing and results as soon as this information becomes available. Going forward, Canntab is able to provide extended-release formulations, whether the intended use is for medical, recreational or nutraceutical purposes, which will make it easier for doctors, patients, and the average consumer to make Canntab products their preferred cannabinoid delivery option.

Canntab has filed more than a dozen patent applications in the United States and Canada for which two have now been granted or allowed. Canntab has developed both patented and patent pending technologies to deliver standardized medical cannabis extract from selective strains in a variety of extended-release/ sustained-release pharmaceutical grade delivery systems.

On September 21, 2020 Canntab had announced that pursuant to a filing made in March 2017, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had issued U.S. Patent No. 10,772,837 to Canntab, titled “Modified Release Multi-Layer Tablet Cannabinoid Formulations. The term of the patent expires on March 15, 2038. The patent granted was for Canntab’s bi-layer or multi-layer tablets consisting of both Instant Release (“IR”) and Extended Release (‘XR”) formulations with THC, CBD and a variety of Terpenes and other Cannabinoids found in full spectrum Cannabis and Hemp oil resin.

Canntab Therapeutics is a Canadian biopharmaceutical company focused on the manufacturing and distribution of a suite of hard pill cannabinoid formulations in multiple doses and timed-release combinations.  Long referred to as Cannabis 3.0 by the Company, Canntab’s proprietary hard pill cannabinoid formulations provide doctors, patients and consumers with medical grade solutions which incorporate all the features one would expect from any prescription or over the counter medication sold in pharmacies around the world.  These will include the following formulations: once a day and extended release, both providing an accurate dose and improved shelf stability.