Canntab Awarded Health Canada Cannabis Research Licence

Published: February 25, 2020

Canntab Awarded Health Canada Cannabis Research Licence

Canntab Therapeutics Limited, an innovator in cannabinoid and terpene blends in hard pill form for therapeutic application,  announced that Health Canada has granted the Company a Cannabis Research Licence for the purpose of continuing research and development of the Company’s growing line of next generation medical cannabis solutions at the Company’s Markham Ontario Facility.

Canntab intends, following receipt of a Standard Processing Licence and Sale for Medical Purposes Licence  from Health Canada (the “Additional Licences“), to produce various hard pill oral delivery formulations including extended release, instant release, and bi-layered hard pills that provide patients and practitioners with a highly bioavailable medical solution with accurate dosing. The Additional Licences will enable Canntab to submit Notice of New Cannabis Products (NNCP) to Health Canada.

“Our Cannabis Research Licence will allow us to be prepared for when we receive our Standard Processing Licence and Sale” for Medical Purposes Licence, which we expect to receive shortly, by allowing us to do research and testing.  Once we obtain our Standard Processing Licence and Sale for Medical Purposes Licence, we will have products ready for distribution and sale, explains Jeff Renwick, co-founder and CEO of Canntab. Mr. Renwick continues, “our facility is fully built-out and we are excited to prepare our final formulations for submission. We are equally excited with the prospect of continuing research and development in full force at our Markham facility, beginning with our proprietary Oral Dissolvable Tablet formulations which enter through the buccal cavity in the patient’s mouth.”

Canntab Therapeutics Ltd. is a Canadian company with operations in Canada.  Canntab has also established a wholly owned US subsidiary through which we will operate our business in the United States. Upon our receipt of LP Status from Health Canada, Canntab will begin full-scale manufacturing of its suite of precision oral dose products that are unavailable elsewhere in the marketplace, namely, formulations in multiple doses and time release combinations. Additionally, Canntab through its wholly owned American subsidiary operate Canntab’s manufacturing and distribution business in the United States, with the Company’s partner Exactus Inc.