Cannasupplies Introduces the CRATIV Accelerator Product Line

Published: December 15, 2020

Cannasupplies Introduces the CRATIV Accelerator Product Line

Beginning January 2021, Cannasupplies will be stocking the CRATIV Slim and CRATIV Original sizes manufactured using a new food-grade FDA approved biodegradability enhancing additive.

The CRATIV accelerator additive helps naturally present enzymes in landfill environments to infiltrate the molecular structure of the material in order to break it down quickly. An important difference compared to other solutions in industry is that CRATIV’s additive does not depend on sunlight or oxygen to degrade and thus is more dependable. CRATIV is pursuing industry recognized ASTM D5511 landfill environment testing. In about a year after participating in the ASTM D5511 testing, CRATIV will be able to report the biodegradation performance.

Cannasupplies is a proud Canadian distributor for CRATIV packaging, offering an exclusive catalogue of insert options to support a number of cannabis product formats. The CRATIV Slim and CRATIV Original are among best-selling packaging formats for preroll multi-packs, vape carts, and vape starter kits. The sleek, pocket-friendly design can hold a regulatory compliant label for the Canadian market, including room for an expanded barcode and the Excise tax stamp – meaning no secondary packaging is required.

Both CRATIV packaging formats will now be shipping in an open position, making product fulfillment an efficient process.

Cannasupplies, a division of PharmaSystems Inc. is committed to providing sustainable cannabis packaging solutions. Cannasupplies’ current child-resistant packaging catalogue offers a variety of “greener” solutions that do not sacrifice product quality or performance. Cannasupplies is your trusted resource for cannabis packaging and supplies, offering compliant child-resistant solutions for the Canadian Cannabis industry. Cannasupplies is a division of PharmaSystems Inc., a leading Canadian supplier in pharmacy supplies since 1977.

CRATIV Solutions Inc. (DBA CRATIV Packaging), headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, provides total premium packaging solutions and services. A full service packaging company working together with our partners to deliver a high quality, environmentally responsible, child resistant packaging solution. CRATIV prides itself as an innovative team, willing to go the extra mile to operate as Champions for Cannabis, partnering with our customers to innovate various packaging needs to meet the needs of the industry, while supporting and leading productivity and sustainability initiatives. It is the action behind our words, which defines us.