Cannabis Friendly Ontario Lounge To Top Last Internationally Recognized “Best 420 Event" w/ 12 Hour Marathon Telethon Fundraiser

Published: April 16, 2021

Cannabis Friendly Ontario Lounge To Top Last Internationally Recognized “Best 420 Event

Kelly Addison, known as Reverend Kelly since being ordained in mid 2020, says any proceeds from the telethon or from sponsorship will go to a fund to help Kelly’s Green Lounge to stay open. Their joyous opening launch party happened on the one year anniversary of the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Sadly, that was just four short months before Covid19 – and the accompanying lockdowns – came to shut the widely anticipated gatherings, events, parties, and cannabis themed weddings down.

Like other small businesses forced to close their doors throughout the repeated Ontario lockdowns, the Lounge is struggling. Where other cannabis friendly spaces have been lost with even the venerable Vapor Central in Toronto recently closing permanently, unable to survive after a year, the community around Kelly’s is determined to keep the space alive.

Last 420, the Canadian team at Kelly’s were thrilled to have been recognized in a high profile news article stateside highlighting the best virtual 420 parties of the year across North America . This was a hugely impressive feat – under Reverend Kelly’s leadership they were able to pivot to major, attention-getting online events after the hard stop to the highly anticipated brick and mortar events happened just a few months of operation.

This year, Addison says, they’re doing it again. “I am beyond excited to be doing our 12 hour marathon for the second year in a row! Last year was so much fun, and such a huge success that we decided to do it again. This time we are asking the community for help. We have had so many people volunteer their time and talent for this 420 cannathon!This apocalypse has affected so many people and businesses – everyone is stressed, So we are offering a full 420 day of fun to help you get through even if you’re stuck in a lockdown. Friends from all over the world are dropping by our virtual event! The cannabis community unites!”

When talking about the reason for the fundraiser, she gets a little bit emotional. “Our cannabis lounge has become a community center and a home away from home for so many humans who need our support. They need us. “We don’t have an option,” Reverend Kelly says with determination in her voice.  “We have to stay open. We don’t want to have to close our doors – we love servicing the community!”

The sunny smile that she’s well known for brightens her face when she talks about how that community has gathered around to support the lounge, too.  And when Addison talks about community – she means two things -the international cannabis community where she has become a well known leader – and the tiny local community – the surprising place where she built her brand. Most people wouldn’t expect to see a proudly green cannabis lounge on Main Street in a tiny village – but that’s just what you see on the Main Street of Orono – where the Mayor and City councillors not only support Kelly’s – but even showed up to cut the ribbon for local media on their opening day.

Both of these communities – the small local one filled with people who drop in when they need a little warmth, comfort, and conversation – and the international one who check in with the virtual lounge daily to feel a little less lonely during lockdown are counting on Kelly finding a way to keep her doors open.

As always, the Reverend is staying positive – and thinking about the fun she’s got in store for virtual 420 party goers checking in to the friendly little lounge in Orono from around the world next week for 12 incredible canna themed ours on April 20th.

The day includes fascinating panels, entertainers, and speakers including :

One time Master Chef Canada / AKA the Stoner Chef Danny Raposo- Turns Taco Tuesday into THC heaven as he does a virtual cooking class

HIGH profile Canadian recording artist Count Klassy – Legendary cannabis magazine SKUNK called his 2020 song GOOD VIBES the canna song of the year

Respected Certified Cannabis Educator Stacy Bobak educating on Cannabis for Health and Wellness in partnership with EduCanNation Cannabis Education Inc

Reverend Kelly, a one time childhood educator, will be speaking on How to Talk to Your Kids About Cannabis

Cannachef Necole Hines of Faded Living shares easy, delicious Jamaican Infused recipes

Marijane and Timmy from The Noobie and the Doobie Podcast will be joining us for fun and comedy – (MJ is a medical user, a model (many times a Sunshine GIrl!) and well known cannabis advocate while Tim is a non-cannabis consumer, a former youth pastor, and a hilarious comedian.

Celebrity Danish Anwar – A successful producer with “a reputation for trendsetting ideas & sold out shows, he’s the founder of the comedy label Toronto Comedy All Stars”

True Crime fans will be thrilled about Cannabis and Crime, The Debut! With Anne Marie – an exciting new podcast where Anne-Marie Fischer, an aficionado of cannabis and true crime merges the two for some fascinating tales … starting with the tales of a little place in California you may have heard of where it’s easy to grow cannabis – and, they say, even easier to go missing…

And the launch of the Rev Kelly Show – as she explores cannabis spirituality, and invites you to “fill your soul with enlightening discussion, special guests, interviews and on location visits.”

Don’t miss the exciting 12 Hour Marathon Telethon For Kelly’s Green Lounge.

WHEN : Tuesday April 20th, 9 AM to 9 PM

WHERE : Kelly’s Green Lounge on Facebook :

Join the group to participate at :