Cannabis Europa Goes Global: North American Expansion, Fall 2019

Published: July 9, 2019

Cannabis Europa Goes Global: North American Expansion, Fall 2019

As the giants of the American and Canadian cannabis industries eye the lucrative emerging European cannabis market, the founders of Cannabis Europa are bringing the continent’s premier cannabis networking event to North America.

Although the European market has seen a year of rapid change, with the UK, Luxembourg and France moving down the path to legalization; legalization is complex and varies greatly from country to country. Helping North Americans understand this complex web will be the central theme of Cannabis Europa across the Atlantic.

Europe’s medical cannabis industry alone is estimated to be worth almost $70 billion by 2028[1] and has already attracted significant investment from North American firms. This number is eclipsed by any future legal recreational market, representing an estimated value of $155 billion by 2028.

Alastair Moore, Managing Director and co-founder of Cannabis Europa explained the reason behind taking their highly successful conference out of Europe for the first time: “Europe is the logical next step for North American cannabis companies looking to expand, and the feedback that we got from these companies who attended our events in London and Paris was that there is a large demand for information about the market closer to home. In essence, Americans and Canadians want the opportunity to meet Europe’s gatekeepers and tastemakers and the chance to understand the intricacies of this hugely complex yet lucrative market.

The public is urged to vote for their favourite location on the Cannabis Europa Website.

Cannabis Europa London – the flagship event of the first ever European Cannabis Week, which took place on the 24th and 25th of June – has been hailed as a success, with over 1200 guests and over 80 journalists in attendance from all over the world. European Cannabis Week saw over 2500 people attend events across the UK’s capital.

Further information will be announced soon. Check the website and social media for updates.

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