Cannabis Company Avana Canada Inc. Changes Name to Mera Cannabis Corp.

Published: June 3, 2019

Cannabis Company Avana Canada Inc. Changes Name to Mera Cannabis Corp.

Mera Cannabis Corp., formerly Avana Canada Inc., has filed articles of amendment under the Canada Business Corporations Act to change its corporate name from Avana Canada Inc. to Mera Cannabis Corp., effective May 24, 2019. The change of name is part of a larger rebranding initiative to better represent Mera’s products and services.

Mera is a family of cannabis brands and businesses positioned for growth domestically and abroad. As a licensed producer under the Cannabis Act (Canada), the Company’s efforts are focused on medical cannabis product innovation, leveraging an exclusive partnership with Covar Pharmaceuticals Inc. Mera has an EU GMP-built cultivation and processing facility in St. Thomas, Ontario and it has submitted applications with Health Canada for additional licensed facilities in St. Thomas (processing) and Kingsville, Ontario (cultivation), which would give the Company the ability to expand its cultivation and processing footprints by up to 1.2 million sq. ft. and 88,000 sq. ft., respectively.

“Our rebrand to Mera symbolizes a significant step forward for our business. The Avana name was originally established with the intent of representing a premium line of cannabis products. With the growth of our business, we needed an identity that could represent much more than just a product,” said Zubin Jasavala, Chief Executive Officer of Mera. “Mera, which is suggestive of “mother” in many languages, is more than just a memorable name; it represents the heart of our cannabis businesses.”

The “Avana” mark and brand is being used in connection with the Company’s premium line of dried cannabis flowers, intended to launch in the Canadian market later this year.

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