Canna-V-Cell Achieve Agri-Tech Milestone

Published: April 5, 2019

Canna-V-Cell Achieve Agri-Tech Milestone

Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc. has achieved the important stage of being able to multiply cannabis cell tissues on solid media. Since the beginning of the program, the R&D team has been able to screen multiple cannabis plants and was able to combine the technology it developed over the last 10 years with the accumulated know-how to grow plant cells (in a form of a callus) in different colours: green, white and amber.

“The different callus colours are important indicators for the next stage of the cannabis cells development using the biofarming unique technology” said Dr. Yochi Hagay the CTO of CannaVcell while adding “we are excited about reaching this phase slightly ahead of schedule, demonstrating the team capabilities and instilling further confidence in the success of the program”.

Dr. Zaki Rakib, CEO added, “I am delighted with the progress made so far. Every milestone reached brings closer the revolution to the Cannabis industry. Biofarming Cannabis allows the production of the active ingredients without growing the plant itself while keeping the entourage effect in tact. It does so with composition consistency, less cost, environmental friendliness and no toxic fungi”.

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