CanadaBis Capital Announces Expansion into British Columbia New Brands and New Pricing

Published: February 1, 2021

CanadaBis Capital Announces Expansion into British Columbia New Brands and New Pricing

CanadaBis Capital Inc. announce that its 100% owned subsidiary, 1998643 AB LTD. is now selling their expanding lineup of first-to-market hydrocarbon cannabis concentrates across British Columbia.

“We are excited to finally bring our powerful lineup of live-resin concentrates to a province who has long awaited the type of quality, potency and pricing they are used to getting from the legacy market,” said Travis McIntyre, CEO of CanadaBis Capital Inc. “For the past few months, we have been revisiting our product categories and pricing models to cater to those consumers who are still looking for more out of LP offerings. We are looking to leverage our relationships and in-house expertise to lead the growth of the concentrates category across Canada – ensuring our brands remain engaging and educational, while our products continue to lead the industry in quality and fair pricing.”

Equipped with their cannabis 2.0 direct sales license since December 2020, and with product listings currently across Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Stigma Grow is looking to the relaunch of all their products under their own brand name as a chance to introduce new brands, adjust pricing and make the biggest impact possible.

Starting in February of 2021, Stigma Grow will be introducing Dab Bods; a low-cost, high-value hydrocarbon concentrate offering that will bring the lowest price shatter, sugar and more to provinces currently struggling with the high price of existing offerings.

“Dab Bods will be an approachable brand that seeks to introduce concentrates to those who do not have a lot to spend, but who see the value and lifestyle benefits that come from switching over to a more discreet, efficient and effective cannabis product,” says Chad Hason, VP of Sales and Marketing for Stigma Grow.

As well, Stigma Grow will be the first-to-market for RSO capsules; a popular and vary potent ingestible popular with high-tolerance consumers and within the medical market. This full-spectrum hydrocarbon capsule comes in various strengths and represents one of the only capsules on the market offering the synergistic benefits of the entourage effect. Finally, Stigma Grow is reducing the price of their instantly popular, live-resin, HTFSE vape cartridges to compete against the lower costs of a variety of vape cartridge distillates.

“While we work with our valued communities to explain the differences and superior nature of a true live-resin vape offering versus a distillate”, explains Chad, “our goal is to present our audiences with the ideal mix of engaging messages, superior product and incredible pricing. Once price or understanding is no longer a barrier to recognizing higher quality, we believe the experiences consumers have will lead to the brand loyalty we seek.”

In addition to this the Company has entered into an agreement with an arms-length party who has opted to increase their share hold position within CanadaBis Capital via shares for debt.

This arrangement, in connection with the Services, the Company has agreed to issue to the (the “Creditor”) an aggregate of 558,590 Common Shares in the capital of the Company (the “Debt Shares”) at a deemed issue price of $0.10 per Debt Share (the “Debt Settlement”).  The issuance of the Debt Shares is subject to the TSX Venture Exchange’s final approval.  All Debt Shares issued in connection with the Debt Settlement are subject to a statutory hold period of four months plus a day from the issuance of the Debt Shares in accordance with applicable securities legislation.

Stigma Grow is a cutting-edge cannabis cultivation and extraction company positioned advantageously to meet the unmet market demands and stigmas within the legal cannabis industry head on, with products designed to disturb the status quo and dramatically shift the conversation surrounding Canada’s legal cannabis industry.

CanadaBis Capital Inc. is a vertically integrated Canadian cannabis company focused on achieving large-scale growth in the fast-emerging global cannabis market. By targeting organic growth opportunities alongside the right-fit partners, we remain focused on finding and capitalizing on chances to grow, diversify and continue to lead our industry.