CAFE Contributes Over $350,000 to Local Community Initiatives

Published: January 31, 2020

CAFE Contributes Over $350,000 to Local Community Initiatives

CAFE, Cannabis And Fine Edibles, Ontario’s largest independent cannabis retailer detailed the extent of its 2019 community initiatives in ensuring the protection of, and integration with, the local communities in which its stores are located. Since its first retail location opened in Toronto in 2016, CAFE has promoted a cannabis inclusive environment for its communities, rather than an exclusive environment only for cannabis consumers, through not only its legendary espressos and hot beverages, but also through community initiatives and charitable events.

“The first year of legalization in Canada was a very busy year for us. We are humbled to have such an amazing team that really went out of their way to create these incredible memories for such meaningful charitable causes,” said David Shuang, Head of Public Relations for CAFE.

“CAFE is firmly committed to operating its stores in a manner which protects and promotes the surrounding neighbourhoods and residents, and this has been consistently demonstrated throughout our history”, stated David. “The significant contributions we have made have ensured that our stores serve not only Toronto’s cannabis consumers but its neighbourhoods as well in a manner which is responsible while respecting the safety of the communities we are honoured to be a part of. Going forward we will continue to abide by this core philosophy as the leader in cannabis retailing in Toronto, and Ontario, and maybe even internationally soon,” winked David.

CAFE Cannabis and Fine Edibles strives to create a distributor environment that caters to finer tastes, offering a deep, rich coffee experience with a comprehensive bouquet for the discerning cannabis connoisseur. A cozy and relaxed atmosphere mixed with only the finest marijuana products, CAFE is Canada’s premier cannabis distributor and cafe destination.

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