BRNT Partners with Meta Cannabis Supply Co, Expanding its Canadian Presence

Published: October 18, 2018

BRNT Partners with Meta Cannabis Supply Co, Expanding its Canadian Presence

BRNT Ltd., a leading lifestyle and cannabis accessory brand, today announced its new retail vendor and supplier relationship with National Access Cannabis Corp’s Meta Cannabis Supply Co. BRNT and META plan to educate Canadian consumers while providing a premium and engaging retail experience.

As one of META’s accessory vendors, BRNT Designs’ full line of products will be sold at all META stores across Manitoba and Western Canada, with BRNT-made displays telling individually-unique stories about each product for sale, including BRNT’s flagship Hexagon, Faro, Briq, Yaketa, and Malua products.

“Our products are all design-focused; they’re meant to be showpieces in Canadian homes,” said Simon Grigenas, CEO and co-founder of BRNT. “The way the products are displayed in META stores across Canada will follow a similarly striking visual aesthetic that consumers will remember.”

BRNT Designs’ product line currently includes the ceramic Hexagon bong, concrete Faro pipe and Briq ashtray, the wooden Yaketa rolling tray, and newly-released concrete Malua storage jar. All products are handcrafted and feature colouring patterns that make each piece unique.

“Design meets design as our two brands merge in the META retail environment,” said Matt Ryan, VP of Marketing. “We believe in Canadian companies that are inspired by cannabis products being merchandised in new ways. BRNT is a perfect design partner and we were attracted to their design of hexagonal and geometric lines similar to the THC molecule. The texture and detail of their pieces are all a great fit for our store aesthetic.”

META stores will begin opening on October 17, 2018 in Manitoba with additional stores opening in the province and Alberta in the coming weeks, pending regulatory and licensing approvals. BRNT plans to have its products available for purchase at all META retail locations and through e-commerce, nationwide (in provinces that allow for cannabis accessory e-commerce).

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