BRNT Announces Product Availability through Tweed

Published: October 24, 2018

BRNT Announces Product Availability through Tweed

BRNT, the parent company of popular lifestyle and cannabis accessories maker BRNT Designs, announced that it will be offering its design-focused products as a preferred cannabis accessories brand for Tweed Inc. as of October 17. From this partnership, Tweed locations across Canada will carry the BRNT Designs line of concrete and ceramic products as well as collaboratively developed exclusives for Tweed.

“We are excited to join with Tweed to elevate the Canadian cannabis consumer’s experience with exclusive product and colour choices for its customers,” said Simon Grigenas, co-founder and CEO of BRNT. “The typical Tweed customer is discerning, therefore being able to design and offer collaborative products that are both stylish and functional is key. Tweed and BRNT are a great fit blending product design for cannabis accessories with a national retail footprint.”

Tweed, Canada’s best-known cannabis brand, will carry select styles of BRNT premium products including the BRNT Designs-made Faro concrete pipe, Briq ashtray (in black and white marbled concrete, with walnut wood lid) and Hexagon water pipe (in black and white ceramic). In addition, Tweed will exclusively carry a BRNT Designs-created product, dubbed “The Ascend”, a concrete rolling tray and pink marbled concrete versions of the Faro, Briq and Ascend.

Based in Edmonton, BRNT focuses on creating products that enhance the cannabis experience by incorporating premium design elements. While functional, all of BRNT’s pieces double as eye-catching home decor that will help destigmatize the use of recreational cannabis. Handcrafted, each piece has its own unique coloring that leaves no two units alike.

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