BLOCKStrain's Genome to Sale Software Goes Live

Published: October 24, 2018

BLOCKStrain's Genome to Sale Software Goes Live

Blockstrain Technology Corp. announced the formal launch of the BLOCKStrain proprietary genome tracking software following the collection of WeedMD’s cannabis plant DNA last week. BLOCKStrain is now generating its first revenue with the launch of the commercial version of the software offering with WeedMD as the Company’s first commercial client.

The BLOCKStrain solution is designed to expedite DNA testing of cannabis strains, and to then register those strains in a blockchain-enabled database in order to protect the client’s intellectual property and bring actionable quality assurance to the cannabis industry. The software also gives consumers confidence that the strain they are buying is actually the original strain, and not a different strain being sold under a false name.

The BLOCKStrain production team joined the WeedMD team at their growing facility outside of London, Ontario, as the software on-boarding was initiated. WeedMD initially registered 40 strains out of hundreds developed in-house for Master Strain Certification to protect their genetic intellectual property. Products shipped from WeedMD will soon be verified by a Blockstrain Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing that consumers are getting the strain they purchased.

“This is significant for our industry and our discerning consumers/customers that expect consistent products be delivered,” said WeedMD CEO Keith Merker. “We can now verify instantly through BLOCKStrain’s technology that our product is authentic and that customers are receiving high quality strains developed by WeedMD, verified as tested for quality and purity.

“We are proud to be the first company in Canada that can stand behind its products in a way that is transparent and verifiable.”

Blockstrain CEO Robert Galarza said it was an exciting day to be on hand at WeedMD’s headquarters on the first day of legalization, on October 17th, and bring the BLOCKStrain platform online for their lead client.

“It was an amazing experience for the launch of not only our software, but a new era in the development of legal cannabis,” said Galarza. “We are now able to provide consumers with an assurance of quality and can guarantee the provenance of the strains they are buying. Just as importantly, we can now create an immutable record for cannabis breeders to protect the strains they develop.”

The BLOCKStrain software was primarily developed because of the issues around provenance and integrity of cannabis; however, it was also developed because many cannabis cultivators have developed strains that are licensed to other companies, only to see them pirated and sold with no license fees being paid. As well, recent studies and investigations by journalists have found that many products being sold under the name of a specific strain are not actually grown from that strain.

Blockstrain’s software is now available to any Licensed Producer in Canada to protect and validate their products.

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