BLOCKStrain Technology Appoints Dr. Gina Conte as Director of Genetics

Published: April 12, 2019

BLOCKStrain Technology Appoints Dr. Gina Conte as Director of Genetics

BLOCKStrain Technology Corp., creator of the first Blockchain-secured, fully-integrated IP tracking platform for the cannabis industry, today announced it has appointed award-winning geneticist Dr. Gina Conte to the role of Director of Genetics. Dr. Conte brings an extensive amount of expertise to her role, and will provide leadership and direction in business development.

“Dr. Conte brings significant experience and insight to BLOCKStrain, and will provide tremendous strength to our growing cadre of cannabis-based science experts,” said CEO, Robert Galarza. “Her past research into this field has provided forward momentum and knowledge around the genetics and profiling of cannabis strains, and we are excited to have her as a key part of our team as we work diligently to provide both industry participants and consumers with best-in-class technology solutions.”

“BLOCKStrain’s mission to increase transparency and integrity in the cannabis industry aligns strongly with my ongoing interest and specialization in the genetics of cannabis strains,” said Dr. Conte. “I look forward to working closely with BLOCKStrain as they continue to innovate with this industry-best technology platform.”

Dr. Conte is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at Lighthouse Genomics Inc. where she leads the company in the development and implementation of genomic services for the certification and verification of cannabis strains. Dr. Conte is also Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Illuminate Data Science Inc. where she leads a research program to model the effects of cannabis strains and products on the therapeutic efficacy and experience using innovative machine learning.

In connection with this appointment BLOCKStrain has agreed to grant Dr. Conte stock options to acquire up to 250,000 common shares in the capital of BLOCKStrain, subject to the terms of a stock option agreement to be entered into by the parties.

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