Bench-Top Automation: ATG Pharma's Solution for Filling Production in COVID-19

Published: September 9, 2020

Bench-Top Automation: ATG Pharma's Solution for Filling Production in COVID-19

In a professional environment where social distancing guidelines restrict operator movement, bench-top automation is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to optimize your filling production while prioritizing operator safety.

ATG Pharma is a Canadian manufacturer focused on providing cost-effective solutions for filling production and packaging in the Cannabis and Cosmetics industries. The RoboCAP, ATG Pharma’s signature product, was designed to optimize the filling process for bottles, cartridges, capsules, creams/lotions, candies/confectionary, and balms. ATG’s engineering team designed three distinct filling systems (Pneumatic, Peristaltic, and Volumetric) tailored to optimize production for each specific product.

Standard automated filling machines are overpriced, and ordering equipment from China can pose a high risk due to unreliability and the lack of customer support for the product. Instead, “we want to be fresh and innovative,” says ATG Pharma Director of Business Development Chris Sharanewych.

“We pride ourselves on creating the transparency and experience that you would not get from buying a machine overseas. We invite customers to our facility for a virtual demo/visit to ensure they know they are buying top quality Canadian manufactured machines, along with the focus on customer service that comes with it.”

“It is imperative for innovative companies to look for equipment that is designed to be lean and flexible, allowing it to handle many different products. This flexibility and versatility in equipment can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars, removing the need to purchase multiple units of robust equipment specific to only one type of product.”

Bench-top automation equipment like the RoboCAP allows production teams to prioritize operator health and safety while still driving efficiency in these uncertain times. A semi-automated vape cartridge filling process with bench-top automation equipment, using a RoboCAP for example, allows four operators to match the throughputs of a fully manual team with nine operators. A fully-automated process—using ATG’s pre-loaded trays for vape cartridge filling and capping, for example—allows one operator to match the throughput of nine operators while mitigating the health risks posed by crowded workspaces.

See how much the RoboCAP can boost your production while reducing operational expenses with ATG’s ROI Calculator.

ATG’s Technical Support Team and their Continuous Improvement Program lead the industry in aftermarket support. With every RoboCAP and/or packaging equipment purchase, clients will receive a complimentary set up video call and have access to round-the-clock technical support. Clients can request in-facility training custom to your production and facility needs, covering everything from product change over and system calibration to operation, cleaning, and maintenance for your RoboCAP filling system.

We understand that COVID-19 and the global economic conditions have left us all feeling uncertain. But challenging as it’s been, this is also the perfect opportunity to rise above your competitors and transition from a fully-manual production process, which is extremely labour-intensive and further complicated due to mandatory social-distancing policies, to an automated system that prioritizes operator safety while boosting productivity.

Showcasing your revamped production areas and highlighting safe, happy workers is a great marketing opportunity during this time to instill consumer confidence in your brand and your products. Seeing that businesses are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure high-quality products while prioritizing operator safety would only make a consumer more likely to choose your product over another’s.

We hope you see that now is the perfect time to optimize your production. We understand that it’s an uncertain time, and with uncertainty comes doubt. But now isn’t the time for doubt. Now is the time for boldness and leadership; now is the time for confidence. It’s time to Fill Confident, and that’s what you’ll get with ATG Pharma!

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