Beleave Announces Development of Cannabis-Infused Powder and Sugar Products for the Recreational Market

Published: November 15, 2018

Beleave Announces Development of Cannabis-Infused Powder and Sugar Products for the Recreational Market

Beleave Inc. has developed water-soluble cannabis-infused powder and sugar products to prepare for the adult recreational cannabis-infused food and beverage market next year.

Beleave’s Hamilton laboratory is being expanded to make room for methods to formulate cannabis extracts into soluble, flavourless powders, sugar crystals, and syrups for use in beverages and food products using stability-enhancing techniques for prolonged shelf-life. The final product offered to consumers will be a flexible, food-grade ingredient that delivers an accurate dose of THC and CBD when ingested orally, and with enhanced bioavailability.

Spearheading these efforts is the Company’s recently-appointed VP of Science and Technology, Dr. Peter Chen, who is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Waterloo, School of Pharmacy. Product development and optimization protocols will be done alongside long-term Beleave collaborator, Dr. Michael Rogers, Associate Professor in the Department of Food Sciences at the University of Guelph.

“Our goal is to formulate cannabinoid products that will have improved bioavailability and versatility so they can be infused into various food products and beverages,” said Dr. Chen. “We are extremely excited for all the potential uses and products that will come to market because of our research.”


  • Research and development being conducted at Beleave’s Hamilton facility will stem from a patent application recently submitted by Dr. Chen and Dr. Rogers, and is owned by Beleave;
  • Manufacturing will be scaled-up to industrial levels and moved to Beleave’s London, Ontario facility once it is fully-licensed; and
  • Due to the low water solubility of cannabis extract or oils, directly incorporating them into food products or beverages can lead to low bioavailability, poor shelf-life, and unpredictable dosing; our patent-pending process addresses and solves these problems.