BC Craft Supply Co. Secures 45kg of High THC Flower from Canada’s First Licensed Micro Cultivator

Published: February 22, 2021

BC Craft Supply Co. Secures 45kg of High THC Flower from Canada’s First Licensed Micro Cultivator

BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd. announced a new product into its supply chain grown by Canada’s first licensed micro cultivator, Canandia.  45kg of Death Bubba has been purchased by BC Craft and shipped to Indiva Limited for processing into Indiva’s new premium brand, Artisan Batch. The large craft buds are processed into sleek 3.5 gram jars which are now available in BC through private and provincial retailers.  Death Bubba is an indica-dominant hybrid grown in live soil and nourished with filtered water; its frosty lime green buds are caked with crystals that promise a potent punch.  This limited-edition batch was meticulously developed by the experts at Canandia and their Master Grower Alon Amit, who has 26 years of experience in the art of cannabis cultivation.

Located in Delta BC, the Canandia facility was originally designed and constructed as a standard cultivation facility, but because of extensive start-up costs they made the bold decision to switch to a micro cultivation license.  Alon’s background in supplying medical cannabis to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta has instilled a wealth of cannabis regulatory knowledge and he has ensured quality assurance of the highest level.  Alon states, “We take great care and attention with each plant, much like a bonsai tree, we prune, de-leaf, utilize stakes and strings to ensure each bud is evenly dense and potent, this ensures our product is always consistent.”  Canandia prides itself on premium quality, fresh craft batches and decades of cannabis experience.  With Canandia’s Death Bubba testing at over 27.5% THC it is sure to be a hit with new and experienced consumers alike.

Matthew Watters, CEO of BC Craft further states, “The quality of flower that Alon and his team at Canandia are producing is unparalleled in the Canadian recreational market and its a testament to Alon’s years of experience growing cannabis, and to his team’s attention to detail at every step of the growing cycle.”

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, BC Craft Supply Co. has aggregated the best legacy-era talent from Canada’s craft cannabis industry, which boasts an international reputation. The team at BC Craft supports the most trusted cannabis cultivators in Canada to transition into their supply chain, bringing with them their unique cultivars and years of experience with the plant. In exchange for support with licensing, compliance and distribution, cultivators will sign on as a BC Craft supplier. This makes BC Craft uniquely positioned to be the premium cannabis brand in Canada.

BC Craft’s subsidiary, Medcann Health Products Ltd., is a Health Canada licensed cultivator and processor with a license to sell medical cannabis products in Canada.