BC Craft Supply Co. Introduces New BC Grown Cultivar From Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Published: October 15, 2020

BC Craft Supply Co. Introduces New BC Grown Cultivar From Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd. announced a new and exciting BC cultivar into its supply chain; Meat Breath from Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a rare and evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain. This is Vodis’ first go-to-market crop which has been purchased by BC Craft and shipped to Indiva Limited for processing under a master processing agreement (“MPA”) that was announced on May 13, 2020. Under the MPA, the dried flower will be processed into Indiva’s new premium brand, Artisan Batch, and packaged in beautiful 3.5 gram jars. Artisan Batch features strains from craft and micro growers across Canada, who pride themselves on the quality, potency, and terpene profile of their strains.

Vodis is a licensed cannabis producer and processor located in Delta, BC. Their brand is Gnomestar Craft Cannabis and all dried flower products are hand-harvested, hang dried and hand trimmed for the most discerning cannabis consumer. Mark Lotz, CEO of Vodis states, “Our relationship with BC Craft marks a turning point – our first sale. Our entire team is extremely proud of this accomplishment. We are grateful to be partnered with BC Craft and we hope customers appreciate the amount of care that goes into the cultivation of our flower.”

Mike Picken, Vodis’ head grower who painstakingly tended and oversaw every aspect of growing Meat Breath added, “No detail has been overlooked to ensure the consumer gets the best product possible. Adapting to the needs of the plant at every stage of its life-cycle is key to getting the utmost from these carefully selected genetics.” Meat Breath is a truly eye-catching cannabis strain and with Vodis’ testing at over 23.8% THC and 2.7% terpene profile, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression in today’s legal market.

Matthew Watters, CEO of BC Craft further states, “The Vodis team have cultivated a beautiful, high-end artisanal dried flower that connoisseurs of premier cannabis are sure to enjoy in the Canadian recreational market, we cannot wait until Meat Breath is available on store shelves shortly.”

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, BC Craft Supply Co. has aggregated the best legacy-era talent from Canada’s craft cannabis industry, which boasts an international reputation.