Australis Capital to Acquire California Cannabis Brand Mr. Natural Productions, Inc.

Published: February 27, 2019

Australis Capital to Acquire California Cannabis Brand Mr. Natural Productions, Inc.

Australis Capital Inc. has acquired 100% of Mr. Natural Productions, Inc., a multiple award-winning medical and recreational cannabis brand based in California. This acquisition includes the rights to the Mr. Natural brand, the life story right of Robert Luciano and all related intellectual property, including proprietary processes in a deal valued for $1.3 million USD and royalty payments based on future performance incentives.

“Mr. Natural was founded on the basic principles of positivity and healing,” said Bob “Natural” Luciano, founder of Mr. Natural. Bob, a Rastafarian priest and Vietnam veteran, gained notoriety in the 70’s for cultivating high-quality strains, which provided its users’ relief from post-traumatic stress (PTS), chronic illness, and pain, all associated with their time at war.

“As an artisanal cultivator, proprietary methods are crucial in the quality and efficacy of the plant,” said Mr. Luciano. “Premium soil and attention to detail equate to high-yield cannabis, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, and cured to perfection. We have dedicated our lives to cultivation, which has allowed us to offer a final product that any user—experienced or new—can be proud to ask for by name.”

“Bob’s passion for developing premium cannabis products and positively impacting people’s lives is inspirational,” said Scott Dowty, CEO of Australis Capital. “Our acquisition of the Mr. Natural life brand will see rapid expansion outside of California by leveraging Australis and partner assets. Bob has perfected his methods over many decades, developing proprietary growth techniques and unrivaled efficacy. Supported by a proven playbook and thoughtful execution, Mr. Natural is uniquely positioned to become the preeminent brand of medicinal and recreational cannabis in the United States.”

Built on one of the most impactful life stories in the cannabis industry, the Mr. Natural brand is poised to leverage its classic cannabis and rich history to gain an international following of cannabis connoisseurs. Mr. Natural products are currently available in Kolas Dispensaries and dispensaries affiliated with CC101 in Northern California, with discounts provided for veterans. The new partnership with Australis will see the Mr. Natural brand expand where legalities permit, with a line of premium products, including cannagars, rosin and pre-rolls, slated for launch in Nevada later this year.

“Mr. Natural has developed an iconic brand, based on a deep understanding of the value of natural medical cannabis gained through extensive personal experience, supported by an assortment of high-quality, award-winning strains and a dedication to organic cultivation,” said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora Cannabis. “Together with Australis, the Mr. Natural brand will leverage its additional growth capital and well-connected management team to secure new opportunities to extend its strong brand recognition with U.S. patients and consumers. I look forward to what Mr. Natural and the team at Australis will achieve together as they execute on the tremendous growth opportunity ahead in the US medical cannabis market.”