Aurora Cannabis Expands San Rafael '71 Portfolio with the Launch of Three New Proprietary Cultivars

Published: June 10, 2021

Aurora Cannabis Expands San Rafael '71 Portfolio with the Launch of Three New Proprietary Cultivars

Aurora Cannabis Inc., a Canadian cannabis company, announced the launch of three new proprietary cultivars under the Company’s premium adult-use cannabis brand San Rafael ’71: Stonefruit Sunset, Lemon Rocket and Driftwood Diesel.

Guided by consumer insights to identify highly desirable traits, the new cultivars were developed at Aurora Coast, the Company’s state-of-the-art research facility dedicated to cannabis breeding, and home to one of the largest and most comprehensive genetic libraries in the world. The new hybrid and indica cultivars are also the first adult-use flower products Aurora has commercialized from Aurora Coast.

“Using insights from consumers and patients, our cultivation and breeding team at Aurora Coast developed and screened over 7,000 individual plant genetics to find these three elite cultivars, bred from the most in-demand genetic families – Cake, Fuel, Gelato and GMO,” said John McEachern, Senior Director, Brand Marketing at Aurora Cannabis. “Our focus was to develop new and differentiated products with high potency levels and terpene content that satisfy consumers’ unique and sophisticated needs. We are excited to meet these consumer needs through the new lineup of San Rafael ’71 strains. Our robust genetics library is well poised to continue delivering new and differentiated product offerings across our brands.”

As with all San Rafael ’71 premium dried flower products, new Stonefruit Sunset, Lemon Rocket and Driftwood Diesel are cultivated under the highest quality standards and are hang dried and hand bottled for excellent quality. Each jar is packaged with a humidity pack to preserve the moisture of the flower, keeping the product fresher for longer. San Rafael ’71 flower is known for its intense and appealing aromas, and these new cultivars will deliver on that brand promise. The new product offerings will be available for purchase across Canada starting in July.

Stonefruit Sunset:
Derived from Gelato and Fuel cultivars, Stonefruit Sunset is a hybrid strain with 19-25% THC, offering a unique aroma of berries, sherbet, and gas from its primary terpenes, Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene. This strain is characterized by purple and green buds with bright orange pistils.

Lemon Rocket:
A cross of Fuel and Cake, Lemon Rocket is a hybrid strain with 20%+ THC and gives off a very pungent aroma of gas with hints of lemon from its primary terpenes, Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene. This strain is characterized by bright-green buds coated in visible trichomes.

Driftwood Diesel:
A mix of GMO and Fuel cultivars, Driftwood Diesel is an indica strain with 21-27% THC and gives off a very strong and distinct aroma of gas and chem and sour taste with earthy, nutty and musky notes. This strain is distinguished by dark purple and green buds that are notably very sticky with visible trichomes.

About Aurora
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