AMP German Cannabis Group Supplier, Pure Life Cannabis, Completes EU-GMP Gap Analysis

Published: September 23, 2019

AMP German Cannabis Group Supplier, Pure Life Cannabis, Completes EU-GMP Gap Analysis

AMP German Cannabis Group Inc. announced that one of its prospective medical cannabis supplier, Pure Life Cannabis Corp. (“Pure Life”), has completed its European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (“EU-GMP”) gap analysis and will undergo an EU-GMP audit before calendar year-end. Upon passing the EU-GMP audit, Pure Life will be subject to an EU-GMP inspection and certification by German State officials.

AMP and Pure Life announced on February 7, 2019 that they had entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding to purchase up to 1,200 kilograms of EU-GMP medical cannabis flower annually for four years. Pure Life is a late-stage Health Canada applicant to become a licensed producer (“LP”) of cannabis and has applied for a standard cultivation and processing licences by Health Canada pursuant to the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations to begin cultivation at its fully constructed facility outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

When AMP entered into a supply agreement with a Canadian LP, the LP goes through the “AMP EU-GMP Certification Program” to ensure it will meet the EU-GMP pharmaceutical quality and consistency standards required to export medical cannabis to Germany. Under the AMP EU-GMP Certification Program, AMP provided EU-GMP gap analysis and audit services and once the LP passes an audit AMP arranges for EU-GMP German certification. In addition, AMP will arrange for the necessary permits and provide logistics, transportation, and other related services to export medical cannabis from Canada to Germany.

EU-GMP certification is an internationally recognized system that ensures all pharmaceutical goods, including medical cannabis, meet the highest consumer health and safety standards. Canadian licensed producers of cannabis production and operating processes do not meet EU-GMP standards and need to be upgraded and receive EU-GMP certification from a German State before being able to export to Germany.

“AMP continues to work hard towards its goal of becoming a major exporter to Germany by next year as evidenced by our supply agreement with Pure Life,” said Alex Blodgett, CEO of AMP German Cannabis Group, “AMP looks forward to entering into further supply agreements with other early-to-late staged licensed Canadian LPs.”

AMP German Cannabis Group is the parent company of several European investment subsidiaries focusing on the import of pharmaceutical-grade (EU-GMP) cannabis into Germany predominantly from Canada.  AMP provides EU-GMP gap analysis and audits, logistical, transportation, importation permits and other related services for the importation of medical cannabis into Germany through its AMP EU-GMP German Certification Protocol Program.