AMP Becomes Exclusive Marketing Partner of Tilray for Aphria Medical Cannabis Brand in Germany

Published: September 29, 2021

AMP Becomes Exclusive Marketing Partner of Tilray for Aphria Medical Cannabis Brand in Germany

AMP Alternative Medical Products Inc., a pharmaceutical supplier of medical and CBD therapeutic wellness cannabis products to German pharmacies, announces it has been appointed as the sole marketing partner for all Aphria branded products imported or cultivated in Germany. Aphria is a medical cannabis brand of Tilray, Inc., a global pioneer in cannabis research, cultivation, production, and distribution.

The new cooperation of AMP with Tilray as their sole marketing partner in Germany for the Aphria brand is based on a supply and marketing agreement with CC Pharma GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tilray. The conclusion of this agreement is a milestone for AMP in providing a complete catalogue of medical cannabis products for doctors to prescribe to their patients.

AMP’s catalogue of Aphria-branded medical products includes Aphria cannabis flowers and extracts with different THC and CBD contents and is being registered for sale with the German Cannabis Agency (“BfArM”). In addition to the Aphria products carried by AMP available to doctors for patient prescriptions, Tilray beginning in July of this year, started cultivating and distributing to pharmacies Aphria medical cannabis flower grown in Germany on behalf of BfArM.

AMP’s catalogue of Aphria and other medical cannabis products are available through Tilray’s nationwide pharmaceutical distribution network covering 13,000 pharmacies across Germany, in addition to AMP’s other supply partnerships with pharmacies and distributors.

AMP and Tilray are planning to hold continuing educational seminars for doctors to advance education about medical cannabis to doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare specialists that prescribe or are involved in the prescription fulfilment of medical cannabis. AMP will also provide information about its complete medical cannabis product catalogue, including Aphria medical products, at the education seminars to doctors.

“Doctors are becoming increasingly familiar with the Aphria medical cannabis brand as it is the only German cultivated medical cannabis flower currently available for patients due to Tilray’s commitment to supply Germany with the highest-quality domestically cultivated and imported medical cannabis products for German patients,” said Dr. Stefan Feuerstein, President and Director of AMP.  “Tilray entrusted AMP as its sole marketing partner for the Aphria medical cannabis brand due to our commitment to training to develop a knowledgable sales team covering major cities but also the small towns and rural regions ensuring that all German patients have access to this medicine as it becomes more commonly prescribed by doctors.”

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