Aleafia Health Provides Corporate Update

Published: May 22, 2020

Aleafia Health Provides Corporate Update

Aleafia Health Inc. is pleased to announce that the board of directors has elected an Acting Chair and reconstituted its committees following the recent addition of Rhonda Lawson and Glenn Washer to the Board. The Board has elected Lea Ray to serve as Acting Chair. Following the Company’s upcoming meeting of shareholders on June 30, 2020, the Board expects to formally elect a new Chair of the Board.

The Company also announced that, with Rhonda Lawson and Glenn Washer joining the Board effective May 16, 2020, the Board has reconstituted its committees as follows:

  • the Audit Committee is composed of Lea Ray (Chair), Daniel Milliard and Rhonda Lawson;
  • the Governance Committee is composed of Mark Sandler (Chair), Lea Ray and Loreto Grimaldi;
  • the HR and Compensation Committee is composed of Loreto Grimaldi (Chair), Rhonda Lawson and Glenn Washer; and
  • the Strategic Planning Committee is composed of Daniel Milliard (Chair), Mark Sandler and Glenn Washer.

“The Board is now entirely composed of independent directors, aligning with our goal of continuing to enact corporate governance best practices,” said CEO Geoffrey Benic. “The addition of new skill sets added to the Board combined with the redeployment of existing expertise and leadership across the committees, will support our Company’s continued evolution and growth.”