Alberta's Cannabis Sector Unites to Create Alberta Cannabis Council

Published: May 14, 2019

Alberta's Cannabis Sector Unites to Create Alberta Cannabis Council

Alberta’s cannabis sector creates a unified voice with the launch of the Alberta Cannabis Council (ACC). The ACC will serve to elevate the awareness of the Alberta cannabis sector and advocate on behalf of their members across Alberta. Guided by five key pillars, the ACC will engage, advocate, educate, protect the public, and give back. Through this, the ACC will highlight the economic opportunity of the cannabis sector, educate consumers, and work with regulators to reduce the illicit market.

The ACC is governed by founding members who make up the board of directors:

Nathan Mison – Fire & Flower, Board Chai
Ashley Newman – Queen of Bud, Vice Chair
Gerald Proctor – Sundial Growers Inc., Board Treasurer
Jeff Mooij – 420 Investments, Board Secretary
Jesse Beaudry – Candre Cannabis Inc.

“The unified voice we have created with ACC will help us educate in a responsible, safe and transparent manner as well as advocate with stakeholders and government on key issues,” said Michelle Russell, Executive Director. “We are very proud of the team we have built, with representatives from all over the cannabis sector, including retailers and LPs.”

The ACC is unique and will provide members access to governments and industry influencers as well as be a platform to engage with and give back to the community. It will also offer a professional support system for smaller companies.