AHLOT Launches World’s First Multi-Canadian LP Cannabis Sample Pack

Published: May 15, 2018

AHLOT Launches World’s First Multi-Canadian LP Cannabis Sample Pack

Think AHLOT Corporation, a leading cannabis experience and innovation company, will launch the world’s first cannabis sample pack showcasing multiple strains and producers from across Canada. Debuting in Canada’s recreational and medical cannabis markets, the sample packs will contain five one-gram samples of the finest cannabis available from multiple Licensed Producers. The sample packs will introduce consumers to the unique strains and stories being cultivated by the world’s best growers, starting in Canada.


“Walking into a new cannabis retail store, everyone will be a new customer, and every new customer is an explorer. The AHLOT sample packs solve the problem of choice for both the consumer and the retailer. Like sampling a flight of craft beer, tray of appetizers or selection of perfumes, AHLOT’s sample packs offer customers informative experiences that allow them to discover their favourites and connect with the brands behind them,” said Greg Pantelic, Founder and CEO of AHLOT.


AHLOT has entered into a strategic partnership with TerrAscend Corporation and their wholly-owned subsidiary, Solace Health Inc., a Licensed Producer of cannabis, who also values collaboration in the evolving cannabis industry and will act as the fulfillment partner for the inaugural product release, as well as future sample packs.


“As national cannabis packaging regulations became clearer, we became increasingly convinced that guiding customers through a restricted branding environment was an essential service. AHLOT is a curator brand at heart, bringing together the best the industry has to offer. Uniting producers across the nation in a series of collections is a natural for us,” says Martin Strazovec, EVP, Chief Creative Officer.