Advanced Material Processing Announces New Division

Published: February 17, 2021

Advanced Material Processing Announces New Division

Advanced Material Processing (AMP), a platform company of May River Capital, announced the formation of a new division, the AMP Thermal Process Group (

“Since the creation of AMP, it’s become clear to us that customers are seeking experts and process knowledge around solving their thermal processing challenges,” said Brad Sterner, CEO of AMP. “AMP is well-positioned to draw upon our thousands of site installations to share best practices, system configuration recommendations and equipment recommendations that will drive improved operational efficiencies down to the plant floor.”

The newly formed group will draw on the existing products and solutions within AMP, from sister companies Marion Process Solutions and Kason Corporation.

Marion currently supplies customers with the WaveMix™ line, an innovative combination of microware, vacuum and mixing technology that provides low-temperature, low-moisture drying that is precise and extremely repeatable. The company also offers customizable Vacuum Reactors, for low-impact drying of sensitive materials through vacuum processing jacketed mixers. Marion Process Solutions, an 80-year-old company based in Marion, IA, custom manufactures processing solutions with industrial mixers and blenders, as well as vacuum and microwave drying systems.

Kason produces VIBRO-BED vibratory fluid bed dryers and coolers that use an innovative circular processing unit to dry, cool or moisturize bulk chemicals, minerals, plastics, foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and other materials. VIBRO-BED units can be configured on a batch or continuous basis and operate at laboratory or production scales, all in a smaller footprint and with improved efficiency. Headquartered in Milburn, NJ, Kason has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing screening, drying, cooling and processing equipment.

“Between the two companies there is more than 130 years of experience,” said Henry Alamzad, Executive Vice President of AMP Thermal Process Group. “There are dozens of areas where our products, services and people offer synergies that will improve the thermal process solutions our customers need to remain innovative and competitive.”

AMP Thermal Process Group will act at a high level as an engineering consultant, process and industry expert and thermal process collaboration specialist for companies in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, special polymer, plastics, hemp and general heat transfer industries, among others.

“We have two industry-leading companies serving a wide variety of thermal processing customers as separate entities,” said Sterner.  “Combining their research and engineering has already resulted in innovative new products. The AMP Thermal Process Group is the natural next-step — taking those products and expertise and helping customers create a total solution.”

AMP TPG excels in process engineering and consultative sales for thermal process solutions across multiple industries. Combining the industry leading experience of Kason Corporation and Marion Process Solutions, AMP TPG creates a synergistic approach to all parts of the thermal process as well as testing, integration, installation and service of these comprehensive systems. Find out more at